8 Must Have Winter Hiking Gear Essentials

When the winter sets in most people prefer to stay indoors in the comfy environment of their home. This is very likely considering the drop in the mercury that can make things cold for you. However, many people prefer to make the best use of this opportunity and head for hiking in the mountains. Winter hiking is a great way to beat the boredom in the winter holidays as you get to view some breathtaking landscapes that you normally see on your computer wallpapers. 

While winter hiking is a great way to breathe in the fresh air and get some exercise you need to protect yourself from the cold and harsh climate that can quickly turn your adventure trip into a disaster. Having the right winter hiking gear is extremely necessary and therefore you need to make a checklist that would help you to be ready for the unexpected when you head out. 

Here’s what you will need to carry for your next hiking trip – 

Winter Hiking Gear Essentials

Sturdy Backpack

A wrong backpack can ruin your hiking experiences in many ways. Hence, when you are heading up the mountains you need a backpack that enhances your hiking experiences in many ways. You must choose the right size because buying an oversized or an undersized backpack isn’t going to help you much. It is also essential that you choose the right design and padding that would help you stay comfortable as you hike up the terrain. A hiking backpack with multiple external loops and padded harnesses must be the ideal choice.

Heated Vest

heated vest

When you are hiking up the snowy mountains temperatures can drop a bit further making you feel uncomfortable. Wearing thick coats is a great idea but that doesn’t offer you a good range of motion. Hence, you can look for heated vests that can provide you with the best comfort and warmth while not restricting your movements. These vests maintain your ideal core body temperature and are lightweight at the same time. Venustas Women’s heated vest makes use of the new silver mylar thermal lining which is skin-friendly and offers the best protection. 

Winter Footwear and Boots

Good shoes take you good places. So, ignoring the quality and the purpose of the footwear can make things hard for you on your winter hiking expedition. Hence, one of your priorities must be to buy or rent high-quality and comfortable winter hiking footwear. This would ensure that you can climb the mountainous terrain easily and without feeling the cold on your feet. You should go for a one-size up to keep the blood circulation flowing through your feet instead of choosing tight fitted boots. Also, you need to have good woolen socks to keep your feet warm.

Winter Hiking Gloves

winter gloves

Just like keeping your feet warm, you must keep your fingers warm as well. A wrong winter hiking gloves can make your fingers freeze leading to pain and numbness. This would ruin your hiking experience as you wouldn’t be able to touch anything. For this, you need to look for the best winter hiking gloves that can offer you excellent protection from the cold weather and blisters as well. The gloves must allow you to hold trekking poles for hours while keeping the friction at bay.

Warm Hats

Having the right hiking hat is also one of the important winter hiking gear that needs to be on your checklist. This is because you want to keep your head warm as you hike up the treacherous but beautiful snowy landscape. While there are hundreds of brands in the market that would sell you these hiking hats but the fact remains that you need to pick the ones that offer the best quality fabric that has moisture-wicking abilities, better breathability and offers you the right warmth. The hat must also be soft to your skin and offer protection to your ears and some areas of the neck. 

Hiking Pants

While most people believe that jeans are an ideal bottom wear option for hiking in the winter season the fact is that denim is not the best fabric for the winter weather. If you are going hiking in the winter you need a pair of good hiking pants that would offer you enough freedom of movement and plenty of room to layer clothing underneath. While there are many brands that you can find that offer winter hiking pants you need to look for the ones that are a perfect fit as per your personal preference. 

Sunglasses for Hiking

snowmobile goggles

Believe it or not, but sunglasses are an essential part of the hiking gear especially when you are hiking up the snowy mountain. This is because you want to protect your eye from the harmful rays of the sun. Apart from the protection from the UV rays of the sun, wearing good quality sunglasses would also protect your eye from the dirt and sand that can get into your eye when the wind blows up the mountain area. To many, wearing sunglasses is all about making a fashion statement but it is an essential requirement when you are hiking in the winter weather. 

First Aid Kits

Being prepared is the best motto when you are heading into the wilderness. Hence, you need to carry along a first aid kit that would ensure that you have all the medical help and assistance you need to tackle unexpected issues. Your first aid kit must have assorted bandages, gauze pads of different sizes, medical tape, antiseptic wipes, tweezers and much more. This would allow you to manage minor cuts and bruises that you can get in the way. You can find plenty of hiking kits on various online and offline stores these days. 

Winter Hiking Accessories

winter hiking gear

Apart from the above winter hiking gear essentials, you must also focus on having a map, a compass, a plastic whistle, flashlights and a few spare batteries along with a survival kit that includes a sleeping bag. This should allow you to enjoy your trip up the mountains and be safe and secure as you explore the landscape in wintry weather.