Types of Extreme Sports Based on your Athletic Background

Extreme sports are becoming more and more popular by the day. Many athletes and sports enthusiasts have been seen making the switch to certain extreme sports for a new career. From its name, it’s pretty clear that anyone planning on practicing an extreme sport would need to have the least amount of athletic experience to be able to practice such activities. Extreme sports can be pretty risky at times, but for people with athletic backgrounds, fit bodies, and the right form of training, it can be very thrilling. There are many types of extreme sports out there for those who are interested to take part in a new challenge and dare to test their athletic abilities in something new. But to know which extreme sport to head towards, one must firstly understand extreme sports and work with their own individual athletic background.

Understanding Extreme Sports

Extreme sports consist of different types of physical activities which are known for being slightly more risky than usual athletic sports. They can be practiced by people who have previous athletic background as they would have the experience and fitness required to do the sport and train using its equipment. So for example, if someone used to play soccer, they would be used to training with soccer equipment which would help them gain speed and general fitness. This would be of great help to them when it comes to trying out an extremely physical activity as a result of their athletic background.

Types of Extreme Sports and What You Should Try

Practicing an extreme sport is intense work, but not all extreme sports are equally intense or risky. There are a number or extreme sports out there that suit different people with different athletic backgrounds. It all depends on physical fitness and compatibility. If you have a background in gymnastics you would find it easier to practice certain kinds of extreme sports which people who have experience in basketball for example might. There are a number of popular extreme sports options available for different athletic backgrounds.


This particular type of extreme sport is quite popular among the youth of different countries. It usually takes place in urban places where the landscape can aid in the skating activities or where there are half pipes that can add a little challenge to the sport. Skateboarding is all about balance and requires a great deal of training. So, if you have an athletic background that has trained you in balance, something like gymnastics or other skating sports, this might be a great entry point for you into the world of extreme sports.

Mountain biking

This extreme sport is made for lovers of speed and thrill. Mountain biking, also commonly known as “downhill mountain biking,” is all about performers riding full suspension mountain bikes and racing with them down steep mountains. The steeper the terrain route the more extreme. This sport requires a person with a lot of fitness and physical capabilities that would allow them to defeat gravity and enjoy the adventure.

Base jumping

Base Jumping Gear

If flying like a bird is something that you might have fantasized about at some point, then this extreme sport would be perfect for your taste. Base jumping is a form of free falling off a concrete structure using wingsuits. It’s usually practiced around bridges and suburban areas with large bodies of water or around canyons. It’s definitely not a sport for the faint hearted. Previous athletes wanting to practice base jumping would need to have an overall high level of fitness, but most people with any athletic background can easily train for this sport and master it quickly.

Wave surfing

If your athletic background involves any kind of water sports, then wave surfing could work great for you. Just like most extreme sports, wave surfing requires a great deal of balance and fitness. Surfers wait for the perfect waves to ride for long periods and train for years to master the sport. It’s perfect for a dedicated athlete who’s looking for their next challenge.

Rock climbing

Unlike the usual climbing sports, rock climbing gets extreme with the climbers not using any ropes to tie them to the ground or the structure they’re climbing. Rock climbing would be perfect for people with an athletic background which has enabled them to build and use their upper body muscles on a regular basis. Climbers use their upper body strength to fix the climbing equipment like axes in the structure they’re climbing, whether it’s simply rocks on a mountain or even ice, and off they go. The higher and steeper the structure is, the more extreme this sport gets. It is definitely a sport for adventure lovers and for someone who does not fear gravity and is willing to take on some risks. But just as the case with any other extreme sport, it requires a good deal of training before you can start climbing even if you have previous athletic experience and a healthy fit body.

Getting started with Extreme Sports

Practicing an extreme sport takes a lot of work. Even if you have an athletic background of any kind, in order to get started with an extreme sport, one has got to do some research and train for some time in advance of practicing their chosen extreme sport. Try to start with some overall fitness exercises then move on to do more specific exercises to help you with your chosen sport.

Young people and those of different athletic backgrounds are now moving more and more towards practicing extreme sports. It’s an exciting new way of getting fit and enjoying a little bit of extra adventure and thrill. But just like any other form of sports, it requires a great deal of training and regular practice. Extreme sports are full of risks. And people who intend to practice them should be aware of such risks before starting. Make sure you do lots of research and speak to professionals in any sport you plan to take part in before doing so. And don’t forget that all types of extreme sports are made for fun seekers, so try to enjoy what you choose to practice.