Top 7 Peaks in the World for an Adventurous Climb

Mountain climbers or adrenalin junkies are always looking for the next high to stimulate their senses and conquer the next challenge.  If you are one of those expert climbers and have mastered the basic skills with rope, ax, climbing harnesses, and crampon, then you are just at the right page to start your ultimate journey among the world’s most dangerous and challenging mountains.

Here are the top seven picks that are simply enjoyed and looked forward to by the most avid mountain climbers.

Kilimanjaro Kenya
Mt Kilimanjaro, Kenya
  • Mount Everest, Nepal

  • Location and elevation– Nepal, 29,035 feetEverest is the greatest mountain on the planet and the most famous too. The towering giant is looked upon as one of the greatest mountaineering achievements. Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary were the first to conquer Everest in 1953.Ever since more than 2,000 others have climbed the peak successfully. Royal Geographical Society gave the peak its official English name of Everest. The mountain attracts many climbers, and most of them are highly experienced mountaineers.


  • Mount Temple

  • Location and elevation– Canadian Rockies, 11,000ftThis is one of the most regularly climbed peaks among the Canadian Rockies. Because of its relatively low elevation and accessibility, the climbers should know that the mountain dominates the western landscape of Banff National Park and is a giant to reckon with. Some parts require intense scrambling and climbing, so watch out! There are several routes for climbers, and one can opt for the moderate class scrambling route on the southwest side. However, be wary of falling rocks and it is easy to get lost on the steep cliffs and under avalanches.
  • Khüiten Peak

  • Location and elevation– Mongolia, 14,354ft
    Khüiten Peak is the highest peak in Mongolia and offers one of the most remote experience for mountaineering in the world. The mountain peak sits on the trilateral border of China, Russia and Mongolia. It can be challenging to reach the mountain as it is surrounded by wilderness. However, you feel rejuvenated by those spectacular flowering fields and openness of the mountain tundra. You are sure to come across traditional herding families on the plains of Mongolia.


  • Mount Brewster

  • Location and elevation– New Zealand, 8,255ft
    Mount Brewster is simply awesome and great, especially for those looking for the wilderness of New Zealand. There’s no need to acclimatize, and all you need is a pair of steady legs and lots of stamina to reach the top. As a climber, one must know that the weather can change rapidly in New Zealand and thus, one must go well prepared with warm and windproof clothing along with appropriate footwear.


  • K2

  • Location and elevation– border of Pakistan and China, 28,251 ft.
    K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world, and when it comes to female climbers, it does not carry a good reputation. Polish climber Wanda Rutkiewicz was the first woman to reach the summit and over the next years, all those female climbers, who tried to reach the top have been killed. So, think twice if you are a female. However, the curse was finally broken by Edurne Pasaban, a Spanish mountaineer, who conquered K2 in2004.


  • Denali, Alaska

  • Location and elevation– Alaska, 20,320 feet
    Denali is also referred to as Mount McKinley and is the highest mountain in North America. What is remarkable about the climb is the steep elevation gain from its base to its apex that is simply unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Enjoy breathtaking and diverse views each day of the climb. Its tremendous beauty and size act as a magnet for the mountain lovers and climbers.

Pick any of the above peaks to enjoy an unforgettable experience and test your stamina and psyche.

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