Ultimate Snowboarding Packing List

The awesome winter sport of snowboarding, which was inspired by a combination of skateboarding, surfing, and skiing, has become extremely popular all over the world. That said, preparing and packing for a snowboarding vacation is a form of art, attempted by many but perfected only by a few. 

In order to streamline your trip to the mountains off to a smooth start, here is a snowboarding packing list that will ultimately lead to a stress-free holiday, whether you are alone or traveling in a group.

Snowboarding Packing List – Unmissable Essentials

Don’t leave for your snowboarding holiday without these essentials in your backpack.

Snowboard bag

Carrying Snowboard bags is a dilemma. They get easily damaged in transit, while at the same time one cannot do without it. The idea is to look for a sturdy bag, with fully padded compartments to hold your boots and assorted gear to ensure maximum protection. Other features should include dual end carry handles and high-class urethane wheels to make rolling through the airport easy.

Snowboards and Bindings

snowboarding packing list

Now that you have your preferred snowboard bag, it is time to fit your snowboard inside it. Remove the base plates, take off the bindings (especially if you are carrying two or more snowboards to avoid scratching), put them in a ziplock bag to avoid misplacing them. While most rental shops on the mountain stock bindings, it is advisable to carry spares.


Safety first is the rule on the slopes. Although you can hire one it is better to carry your own snowboarding helmet, knowing it fits well and will also provide protection for your goggles.

Hoo-rag Bandana

Packing a winter face mask to protect yourself from the chilling weather is a must. Even when you wipe out, you don’t want snow in your mouth or nose. So your Hoo-rag snow sports bandana is an essential item in your snowboarding packing list. 


One pair with quick-changing lens technology for different weather conditions so that you don’t have to fumble around to adapt.

snowboarding goggles


Snowboard socks are different from the usual ones we wear. Not only are they longer, but they are also insulated and made of waterproof material. Carry three pairs that can reach up to your calves.

Snow Boots

You will find snowboard boots extremely uncomfortable when not on the slopes. As such buy a pair that fits well and keeps your feet warm and dry when you are done with the mountain.


A thermal base layer is best to keep the cold and dampness away during a day of snowboarding. This layer can be easily worn under regular clothes, before donning the actual ski outfit.

Jackets and pants

These are essentials, even though they weigh a lot. Roll them or use packing cells for reducing the weight and keeping the gear organized.

Neck warmers

A neck or face warmer will make a great difference when it comes to keeping the body warm from the cold wind and the rays of the sun. Best of all, they are not bulky, breathable, and warm. Fold them up and tuck them in your helmet to remain secure in your baggage.


An absolute must for your packing list, unless you want icy cold air blowing into your eyes. A good pair will not only protect you from the blinding reflections on the snow but will ensure your eyes are dry and warm.


At least three good quality pairs of heated gloves, one leather mitt to withstand sub-zero temperatures, a simple leather glove for damp conditions, and a park glove for the warmer days. Just make sure that they all stay dry.

sunglasses and gloves

Warm hat

You can find tons of them in different colors and shapes. Find one that covers your ears and forehead to stay warm when you are returning from the late-night apres ski party.


If you don’t carry good protection from the sun, you will be sunburnt easily on the slopes, even if there is no sunlight. Apply it over all exposed areas if you don’t want to come back a wreck, even if the sun is not out as yet.

Lip balm

Buy a good quality chapstick, with high SPF, and always keep at hand for applying on the lips throughout the day. The cold wind and mountain air can dry up your lips before you realize what’s happened.

Small day pack

A small backpack type to carry on the mountain for keeping essentials like water, energy bars and store the layers you will be shedding during the day.

Flip flops

Very useful if you are staying in some self-catering accommodation or a Chalet.

Swimming costume

Nothing feels better than plunging in a hot tub or the swimming pool after a hard day on the slopes. Do not forget your costume or trunks.

Protective gear

snowboarding facts

They are very much a personal choice as it is meant to be worn under your ski jacket and pants and can add significantly to the weight. Knee guards, back protectors, and impact shorts can be packed if you find them comfortable and easy to use.


Who comes back from a snowboarding holiday with nothing to prove what happened? You can use your iPhone or Go Pro, but if you have a great camera, anything you experience on the snow can be captured in one beautiful shot.

Hydration pack

Remaining hydrated, both on and off the slopes, is important. You will find free good drinkable water available in almost all the resorts and taps of the lodges. A small lightweight hydration pack, which can be worn under your jacket, will not only solve the hydration problem for the whole day but prevent it from freezing as well.

Lock and Tool

You may not have had your snowboard stolen, but believe me, plenty of people have. Carry a cable lock to keep your snowboard tied to the rack to give you peace of mind. A zip tool can fit in the pocket and can be used to secure the bindings or adjusting of screws, in case of any eventuality, on the slopes.

Snowboarding holidays can be fun if one can find the right balance on what to pack for the physical activities and the nightlife which usually follows. By traveling light and taking only what you need will go a long way in making your time both on and off the slopes amazing. Use this handy snowboarding packing list to ensure you have a great time and a comfortable vacation.

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