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Best Snowboard Base Cleaner | Wax Removers & Scented Cleaning

Anyone who loves snowboarding knows that keeping your base clean is one of the most important tasks to complete before hitting the slopes. Using a base cleaner not only keeps your snowboard looking clean, but also helps keep it in good condition. With so many new riders asking how to clean a snowboard, this product roundup will guide you on which products to use for it.

Tip: while you’re out there, be sure to keep your hands warm with some heated gloves.

Everyone knows that using wax can fix your board, but you will need a base cleaner to get all the grime and grease off of it.

Squiz through this article for the best base cleaners that you should be using to clean your board.


TLDR: THE Kaeps Sports Winkwax is the ultimate must-have snowboard base cleaner.

It not only cleans your snowboard, but it also acts as a snowboard wax remover. It will blow your mind how much time you save not having to scrape wax off your board, not to mention how clean it will be. This cleaner is a mixture of natural wax and coconut oil that gives off a pleasant scent after cleaning and gets your board ready for the slopes.

Kaeps is a provider that has been around for a long time and has been providing quality products.

Best Snowboard Base Cleaner

  1. Kaeps Sports Winkwax
  2. Demon Hyper Citrus Base Cleaner
  3. PURL Eco Ski & Snowboard Base Cleaner
  4. Technichem Corporation JG Base Cleaner
  5. OneBallJay BioGreen Citrus Base Cleaner

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Snowboard Base Cleaner Comparison Table

The table below will give you an idea of each of the base cleaners, their rating, and their volumes. The table can be used to make a quicker purchase decision or you can continue down to read about each product in-depth.

ProductBest ForImageWeightRatingPrice
Kaeps Sports WinkwaxRemove dirt & Wax residue4 Oz9 Check Price
Demon Hyper Citrus Base CleanerScented Base Cleaning / After Season4 Oz8.5 Check Price
PURL Eco Ski & Snowboard Base CleanerQuick Clean12 Oz7 Check Price
Technichem Corporation JG Base CleanerRemoving Wax1 Gallon7 Check Price
OneBallJay BioGreen Citrus Base CleanerScented Base Cleaning / After Season8 Oz6.5 Check Price

Non-Toxic Snowboard Base Cleaner

The best non-toxic base cleaner for your snowboard is the PURL Eco Ski & Snowboard Base Cleaner, which is 100% organic. It’s an easy to use cleaner, just spray and go.

The following are also great non-toxic base cleaners:

  1. Demon Hyper Citrus Base Cleaner
  2. Kaeps Sports Winkwax

It’s important to know what kind of toxins are found in cleaners that aren’t organic. Based on the product, you might need to wear a mask while cleaning your board.

Wax Removing Snowboard Base Cleaner

The perfect product for both cleaning and removing old wax residue is the Kaeps Sports Winkwax. It works perfect for cleaning snowboards or skis, and it removes wax while also being a family-friendly cleaner since it’s also non-toxic.

The following are also good for wax removal:

  1. Technichem Corporation JG Base Cleaner

Base cleaners aren’t as good as scrapers at removing the bulk of wax. A scraper should be used to remove most of the wax and use a base cleaner to clean out any residue that stays behind.

Scented Snowboard Base Cleaner

Although not the most important part when cleaning your board, the Demon Hyper Citrus Base Cleaner does give off a citrus smell after the clean. It would be perfect for cleaning your board after the season and packing it away. This means it stays clean and smells fresh while waiting for the next snow season.

The following products also give off a scent after the clean:

  1. OneBallJay BioGreen Citrus Base Cleaner
  2. Kaeps Sports Winkwax

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5 Best Snowboard Base Cleaners

Having mentioned a few things to look out for before deciding on a base cleaner for snowboards, we will now look at each product individually for a more in-depth review of each product.

Kaeps Sports Winkwax

  • Weighs 4 Oz/113 grams
  • Non-Toxic
  • Family-friendly

This is the best product for any snowboarder looking for an all-around cleaning product that removes both dirt, as well as any wax residue. The product is a mixture of natural wax and coconut oils which acts as a cleaner while also maintaining the condition of your board.

It works on both skis and boards and is an easy-to-use cleaner. It has two base functions, filling holes with wax, and conditioning the base. This makes it perfect for a quick service so you can enjoy the slopes without wasting time.

  • Removes wax residue
  • Non-toxic
  • Conditions base for waxing
  • 100% Organic
  • Can expose you to some chemicals

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Demon Hyper Citrus Base Cleaner

  • Citrus-based cleaner
  • 4 Oz
  • Conditions base for waxing

The Demon Hyper is a good base cleaner that also leaves your board with a nice citrus scent.. The cleaner can be used on both skis and snowboards, making it an ideal product if you have both. The cleaner also comes with wax to use after you clean your board and can be used in snow or any other extreme temperatures.

It’s a quick and easy process that won’t take you longer than 7 minutes. Use the cleaner and let the base rest for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, get to waxing and your board will be ready to go.


  • Citrus-based cleaner
  • Comes with wax
  • Dissolves wax and dirt


  • Lasts up to two days
  • Is unsafe if consumed orally

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PURL Eco Ski & Snowboard Base Cleaner

  • 100% Organic
  • 12 Oz/345 ml
  • Biodegradable

The Purl eco cleaner works on both skis and boards. Its main purpose is to remove dirt and any other contaminants from your board quickly and easily. The 100% organic and biodegradable cleaner is good, not only for your board but also for the environment. One of its main factors is that it won’t leave your board dry at all.

All you have to do is spray your board and put in some elbow grease when wiping it dry. It will give your board a clean and shiny base right before waxing it. Although it doesn’t remove older wax as well as other products, it is still a really good cleaner that gets the job done quickly.


  • Is designed to not dry out your board and will leave it shining
  • Non-toxic base cleaner that is perfectly safe on any boards or skis
  • Works really quickly


  • Does not remove any excess wax
  • Requires a bit more spray than other products

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Technichem Corporation JG BASE CLEANER

  • 1 Gallon (Comes in various sizes)
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-toxic

The JG base cleaner is ideal for the removal of wax and for cleaning your board. It works on skis, boards, alcines, and nordics. This non-toxic and non-hazardous cleaner is a must-have and comes in various sizes (4 Oz, 6 Oz, 1 Gallon).

The JG cleaner is one of a few cleaners where you can actually see how it dissolves the wax from your equipment and always leaves your board looking shiny after you use it. It’s perfect if your board has small nicks and bruises.


  • Great for removing wax from all snow-related equipment
  • Non-toxic base cleaner that is perfectly safe on any boards or skis


  • Is unsafe for oral consumption

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OneBallJay BioGreen Citrus Base Cleaner

  • 240 ml/8 Oz
  • Biodegradable

The Oneballjay cleaner is great for any snowboard that needs a deep clean. The biodegradable formula used in it will leave your board sparkling, with a citrus scent, and ready for its next coat of wax. All you need is a dry rag, apply some cleaner and you can start cleaning your board.

The formula used in the cleaner is made for cleaning and removes any grime, dirt, and old wax residue from your board.


  • Easily removes grime, dirt, and older wax residue
  • Leaves your board with a nice citrus scent
  • Easy to use cleaner


  • Is unfit for oral consumption
  • Doesn’t completely remove older wax, just residue

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Best Snowboard Base Cleaner Buyers Guide

Although you do get tons of alternative snowboard base cleaners, it’ll never get the job done as well as the real deal. Before choosing a base cleaner, there are some things that any consumer should consider. Does it remove wax? Is it non-toxic or biodegradable? Do you want a scented base? These are some of the questions you need to answer first.

A lot of it is based on what your exact need is and what you actually want your cleaner to do. Read the breakdown of each characteristic to consider below.

Snowboard Wax Remover

Waxing a board is important for the durability of the board, as well as for pace and turning comfort. Older wax does add more strain to your board, though. If you like to get away with not having to use a wax scraper, you do get snowboard and ski base cleaners that can remove wax too.

New riders will always ask, is it more important to wax your board, or to clean it since both processes take a long time. If you are in a rush to get out onto the slopes, having a cleaner that strips dirt and helps with waxing should be ideal for you. Not all cleaners can do this so make sure to read the fine print.

Man holding a snowboard behind his head

Non-Toxic Base Cleaner

Snowboarding does hold some health benefits. So if you are using it to chase a more healthy way of life, using non-toxic or biodegradable cleaners should be in your consideration as well. Natural-based cleaners are slowly dominating the market, so finding one shouldn’t be that hard.

It will be safer to have non-toxic based cleaners around the house, especially for those who have young children and those who care about the environment. We all love the slopes so let’s do our part to preserve them.

Scented Base Cleaner

Everyone loves a good smelling board, but it might not be that important to all of us. Using scented base cleaners can leave your board with a good smell, but it’ll quickly evaporate as soon as you use it. But using scented base cleaners is ideal to use after the season is done.

Some riders have been using homemade snowboard base cleaners since it wasn’t always available in the real ones. A scented cleaner should be perfect to keep your board in decent shape as you wait for snowboarding season to begin again. Especially if you store your board somewhere moldy.

Now That You Know How To Clean Your Snowboard

With so many good products available, you don’t have an excuse for not getting your board into shape. Start by determining your needs then choose a product that suits them best.  Since the board benefits from being well-maintained, it pays you back by being faster and turning better.

Now there’s only one thing you need to do. Grab your board out, get it cleaned, and hit the slopes!

Travel Tip: Go through our take on the ultimate snowboarding packing list to help you determine what you need to take with you on your next trip. 

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