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20 Best Ski Goggles Reviews (Men | Women | Children)

Ski goggles are a complete necessity when you are out skiing or snowboarding. They protect your eyes from debris and sun damage. Preventing sun damage is the most important aspect of these extreme sports.

The glare that reflects off of snow is incredibly strong and can be very damaging to the eyes. You need different lenses for different sun and weather conditions, each with their own characteristics and colors.

Best Ski Goggles for Glare

Our favorite goggles for glare have to be the Gonex Ski Goggles. They are designed for bright conditions and to effectively deal with glare. The 100% UV coating also ensures your eyes are completely protected against any long-term damage.

Best Ski Goggles for Low-Light

The best goggles for low-light are the Fuel Optics High-Performance Goggles. As they have the capability of changing lenses on the go, they are perfect for swapping in low-light lenses when the sun starts to go down or you begin to lose light.

Best Ski Goggles for Kids

Our favorite kid’s goggles are the Akaso Kids Goggles. They are designed to basically be mini versions of adult goggles, and therefore offer your kids the same sun, UV, and accident protection. Brilliant goggles for children starting out on the slopes.

Best Snow Goggles Under 100$

The Smith Optics Scope Gogglesare our absolute favourite goggles for under $100. Smith Optics is known for always producing the highest quality product, using the best materials. The Scope is no different, and quality is most definitely not sacrificed. Do not let this incredible price fool you.

Best Ski Goggles with a Camera

Our favorite goggles with a camera are the Liquid Image Torque Series Goggles. These are designed for recording, and the camera and video options show this. The goggles still work incredibly well as regular skiing goggles, but these are made for people who want to record their time on the slopes in the best quality video and photos.

Best All-Round Goggles

The best all-around goggles have to be the Smith Optics I/OX Goggles. They are incredibly well-made, have some of the best lenses on the market on offer, and have a long-lasting design and durability that is hard to match.

Best Ski Goggles Comparison Table

Best Ski Goggles Reviews

New Power Skiing Goggles Review

These skiing goggles from New Power effectively protect your eyes against the sun’s harsh rays, as well as having a lens that is strong enough to withstand impact and falls. Safety is guaranteed with these goggles.

These goggles are designed to greatly reduce fog build-up. The goggles and the lens are made of extremely high-quality materials that are strong and durable, able to withstand the toughest conditions and any activity you use them for.

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OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles Review

These goggles for kids from OutdoorMaster are a brilliant pair if your kids are starting their journeys out on the slopes. They are well-made, can take the bumps and fall associated with being a beginner and are a brilliant starter pair.

These goggles are suitable for kids 6 years and older and are completely compatible with most helmets. The lens provides 100% UV protection, and the soft TPU frame ensures complete safety in the event of an accident or fall.

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Unigear OTG Ski Goggles Review

These goggles from Unigear are designed with spherical magnetic lenses and are made to be worn over glasses. The lens is completely removable, and you are able to swop in different ones depending on the time of day and the weather conditions.

The spherical lens offers the wearer 100% UV protection, with the ventilation slots on the top and bottom of the goggles ensures the lens does not fog up. The thickened triple foam and TPU frame ensure comfort, warmth, and protection.

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Hamswan Snow Goggles Review

These goggles from Hamswan are another pair of OTG goggles that can be easily and comfortably worn over glasses. The goggles feature a double PC lens which helps prevent fogging, as well as offering UV400 protection.

The goggles have a triple layer of foam that protects your face in the event of a crash, as well as keeping it warm and stopping cold wind and ice from entering. The mask has a two-way ventilation system which stops the mask from fogging up.

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Fuel Optics High-Performance Ski Goggles Review

These goggles from Fuel Optics are fitted with an ultra-wide spherical frameless design. The magnetic quick lens change system allows you to swap out lenses with ease, on-the-go, and without any problems.

The lens itself offers 100% 400 UV protection, with triple layer foam for extra comfort and warmth. The goggles are fitted with CLOUD9 Anti-Fog Technology. The dual-pane lenses create an air-flow that limits fog build-up.

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Zionor X4 Snow Goggles Review

These goggles by Zionor have very high-performance anti-fog and UV protection. They are treated with an anti-fog coating, as well as a 100% UV 400 protection coating. The goggles also have Magnetic Lens Technology, allowing you to change lenses quickly and effortlessly.

The lens has a 180-degree spherical, panoramic view for very clear vision. The goggles also have optimized air-vent channels that enhance air-flow and prevent fogging. The lens is completely ruggedized to improve the durability and life-span.

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Hongdak Ski Goggles Review

The Hongdak Ski Goggles are fitted with a high-performance lens that offers 100% UV protection, as well as advanced anti-fogging and anti-scratch capabilities. The goggles also have a detachable lens system that allows you to switch out lenses as the weather changes.

These goggles have an OTG design, allowing you to comfortably wear glasses underneath the goggles. The adjustable strap and highly engineered frame make these goggles incredibly easy and comfortable to wear with a helmet.

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Bolle Carve Snow Goggles Review

These goggles from Bolle are one of the newest pairs in the range and offer more technically advanced features compared to their older models. The goggles have an advanced OTG (Over the Helmet) fit, ensuring it sits securely on almost every type of helmet.

The mask is fitted with a double layer of face foam, which backs up a soft, micro-fleece face layer. The double lens thermal barrier creates extra warmth for the face, as well as crystal clear optics. Flow-Tech venting system stops any fog build-up.

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OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Review

Much like the OutdoorMaster ski goggles for kids, we reviewed earlier, this pair, for adults, is made with the same high-quality materials features a large, spherical, frameless lens that gives you an unobstructed view of the slopes while skiing or boarding.

The goggles have an Over the Glasses (OTG) design, and the lens is fully interchangeable. There are over 20 lenses available for these goggles, ensuring you will always have the right lens available for any time of day or weather conditions.

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Benice Ski Goggles Review

These goggles from Benice feature a narrow frame and a wrap-around lens. It has a highly durable TPU frame and a PC lens that are almost unbreakable. They are rugged and tough, able to take a hit, and will protect your face in the event of a fall.

The goggles are fitted with a thick layer of soft foam that not only adds cushioning to the goggles but also warmth for the face. The goggles are fitted with Flow-Vent technology, which helps to greatly reduce the build-up of fog.

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AKASO Explore Oregon Snow Goggles Review

These goggles from Akaso are another brilliant pair for kids and teenagers. They are fitted with a spherical lens that offers the perfect amount of peripheral vision and an undistorted view. Brilliant if your child is just starting on the slopes and they need to be well-aware of their surroundings.

The goggles have a double-layer lens design as well as a very high-performance hydrophilic coating that minimizes the chance of fogging. The very strong and flexible TPU frame combined with a triple layer of foam ensures maximum face protection and goggle durability.

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Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles Review

The Mojo Snow Goggles from Bolle are designed with a double lens. This dual-pane forms a thermal barrier between the cold air outside, and the warm air inside the goggles preventing the build-up of distracting condensation and fog.

The goggles are fitted with Flow-Tech venting which promotes directional air-flow across the inside surface of the lens, preventing condensation and fogging. The lens is excellent at blocking out UVA and UVB rays, up to 400 nanometers.

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Zionor Lagopus Ski Goggles Review

These goggles from Zionor have been designed to have optimum performance. They are fitted with an extremely durable and reliable lens, that has enhanced anti-scratch capabilities as well as an advanced smart ventilation system.

The lens offers complete protection from falls and the sun, with 100% UV protection treatment on a double-layered lens. The mask has great sponge covers that offers comfort, warmth, and superior anti-wind capabilities.

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Odoland Snow Ski Goggles Review

These goggles from Odoland are OTG goggles and can comfortably and securely be worn with or without a helmet. The goggles are also just as comfortable when you are wearing goggles, as there is ample room on the inside.

The goggles are fitted with a brilliant anti-fog system, with the inner layer of the double layer lens having an anti-fog coating. The goggles also have sponge ventilation holes on the top and bottom that accelerates the removal of hot air and keeps the goggles dry inside.

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Smith Optics I/OX Goggles Review

The I/OX goggles from Smith Optics are the best interchangeable lens goggles in their line. They have a medium to large fit and are completely compatible with most helmets. The responsive Fit-Frame design adjusts to your face, allowing a perfect fit every time.

There are multiple lenses available for these goggles, for every type of weather condition and time of day. The silicone baked strap is long-lasting and durable, yet still incredibly comfortable to wear.

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Gonex OTG Ski Goggles Review

These OTG goggles from Gonex are designed for bright and sunny conditions, with a PC outer lens that offers 100% UV protection. The spherical lens gives you a wide range of sight as well as great peripheral vision.

The inner lens has an anti-fog coating to ensure a clear view all the time. The TPU frame is highly durable, and can easily take a hit or a crash without cracking or breaking. The triple layer foam prevents fogging, as well as helping with comfort for long-term wear.

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Smith Optics Scope Goggles Review

These extremely well-priced goggles from Smith Optics perform as well as goggles twice the price, without sacrificing form or functionality. They are fitted with a cylindrical dual lens with Air Flow Ventilation and a Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner lens, ensuring that your goggles won’t fog up, no matter the weather or conditions.

The goggles have a medium fit that is suitable for most face shapes. They also have compression-molded hypoallergenic face foam that not only ensures your face stays warm but also protects it in the event of a fall. The goggles also have a very wide silicone backed strap for comfort.

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Smith Optics Knowledge OTG Goggles Review

The Knowledge OTG Goggles from Smith Optics are fitted with a Chroma-Pop Lens. This lens is a cylindrical carbonic-x lens made with Smith Optics patented regulator adjustable lens ventilation. The lens also has TLT technology, ensuring crystal clear vision every time.

The goggles have a large fit, which is suitable for most adult face sizes as well as a QuickFit strap adjustment system with a clip buckle for easy adjusting. The goggles are fitted with 2-layer DriWix face foam for warmth and protection, and a floating foam membrane completely eliminates temple pressure.

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Liquid Image Torque Series Goggles Review

The Torque Series goggles from Liquid Image are designed for recording. Everything from the fit to the features is made and fitted to give you the best and easiest way to record every second on the slopes. The camera records in 1080p HD video, at 30fps.

The camera is also capable of recording at 720p at 60fps. If you do not want to record, you can take photos with the camera, which has 12 megapixels. You are also able to adjust the camera up to 30-degrees, allowing you to get a great angle for shooting.

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Darongfeng Ski Goggles Review

These goggles from Darongfeng are a sporty and versatile pair of recording goggles. They are capable of recording at 720p in HD, can take photos at 1600 x 1200, and you are also able to adjust the internal memory by being able to swap out memory cards.

The goggles are fitted with an anti-fogging lens which is suitable for most weather and lighting conditions. The goggles are made of a very comfortable and durable TPU material. The goggles come with a high-capacity battery that is rechargeable through USB and can give you up to 240 minutes of recording time.

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Ski Goggles Buyers Guide

There are certain aspects you need to take into consideration when buying goggles. The fit, the lens, the lens tint, all of these need to be right for the goggles to work their best. This list will help you find the perfect pair.

Where to Buy

One of the most common mistakes beginner skiers or snowboarders make is where they buy their first pair of goggles. Especially if you are going on your first skiing holiday, the resort you are staying at is not where you should buy them.

Most resorts will only stock a very limited number of goggles, and possibly only goggles from one or two major brands. This, in turn, makes the prices of these goggles substantially higher, and you end up paying too much for a pair that just isn’t right.

To avoid this, visit a sports supply store before even heading out. We will cover what to look for once you are there, but the best advice is to shop before you go on holiday to avoid high prices and a disappointing selection.


Like with most things, there is a very wide variety of goggles, all with their own pros and cons, features and general performance. If you have never bought goggles before, knowing what to look for and what to avoid is almost impossible.

This is where visiting a sports supply store becomes important, these stores will have a knowledgeable staff who will be able to address and answer any questions you may have about the goggles, as well as advise you on the best pair for you.

Shopping around is also important, getting information from multiple sources is brilliant in helping you learn and making an informed decision. If the shop assistant seems uneducated on the matter, rather move on to another store.

Shop Around

Shopping around is clearly important, you wouldn’t buy a car from the very first dealership you see, you would research other dealerships, cars, and prices, the same applies to goggles. With so many brands and options available, research is important.

Visit multiple stores before buying, even if you have a pair in mind already, shop around to find the best price. These goggles, after all, are a safety device, you want to protect your eyes and sight as best as possible.

Lens Tint

Lens tints are where goggles become quite technical. Tints differ between day and night, low-light or high glare, the type of skiing or boarding you are doing, as well as the specific needs of your eyes.

The best lens will provide the perfect combination of color definition, contrast, depth perception and eye fatigue protection, and all this combines into the correct VLT or Visible Light Transmission for your specific light conditions.

Low Light and Fog

In low light conditions, or with fog, yellow, gold and amber lenses filter out the blue light. This then emphasizes shadows in the snow, allowing you to see bumps and dips better. These lenses also work well in moderate light conditions.

Bright Light

Darker tints such as copper, dark brown, dark gray and dark green will keep your eyes much more comfortable, as well as increasing contrast. Gray lenses also allow you to see true colors much more clearly.

Mirror Coating

A mirror, or flash coating, enhance the effectiveness of tinted lenses by reflecting sunlight so that it does not directly penetrate the lens. This then lowers the VLT of the lens, making it great for bright and sunny days.


For sunset and nighttime, clear lenses are your best option. You are wanting to allow as much light in as possible during these times, and clear lenses are the best option for this.

Photochromic Lenses

You would have seen eyeglasses that have lenses that go darker or lighter depending on if you are indoors or outdoors, if there is bright light or low light, you get ski goggles that do the same. A brilliant feature if the weather is changing constantly throughout the day.

Interchangeable Lenses

More and more goggle manufacturers are designing goggles that have interchangeable lenses. This allows you to switch in and switch out lenses depending on the weather conditions, or the time of day.

Use lens and tint charts on manufacturers websites to get a better idea of which lens suits which conditions, as well as their VLT rating. The lens and lens options of goggles should be the first aspect you look at when purchasing goggles.

Polarized Lenses

Severe glare can very quickly ruin a day on the slopes if you do not have the right lenses to combat it. Polarized lenses protect your eyes from that horrible midday glare, but are not recommended in low light, as the lenses are usually darker.

UV Protection

UVA and UVB rays are the most important rays to protect against. They are formed when the light bounces off the snow and into your eyes. Short-term exposure can cause sunburn to the eyes, long-term exposure can cause permanent and sometimes irreversible damage.

UVA and UVB protection is a must when buying goggles. Protecting your eyes from these rays is a no-brainer, and insisting on goggles with this protection is 100% necessary. Even if you have to pay extra for it, it is worth it.

Peripheral Vision

Having 180-degree peripheral vision is another must when buying goggles. No matter the style of the goggles, or the curvature of the lens, make sure you have maximum viewing abilities, as to avoid skiing or boarding into other people.


There are a few factors that influence the fit. First ensure the goggle strap is easy to adjust, if not, move on to another pair. Another aspect is ensuring the goggles fit perfectly with or without a helmet on. Don’t rely on a helmet to keep the goggles secure.

Some goggles come with rubbery buckles that don’t dig into your scalp, and wider head straps are much more comfortable compared to narrower ones. Foam inserts also help prevent dirt, wind, and ice from entering the mask.

These foam inserts should be soft enough to cushion your face in the event of a crash, but no so hard and dense that they encourage fogging. A salesperson should be able to answer your questions and concerns with regards to this.

If you have a narrower nose, face and higher cheekbones, manufacturers will have goggles that have an “Asian-Fit”, which are designed specifically for that face shape. Manufacturers also now have goggles made for narrower or extra-wide faces.

If you wear glasses, ensure the mask fits over them. There are some goggles designed to accommodate glasses, and some goggles have lenses that allow you to fit prescription lenses inside of them, allowing you to not wear your glasses at all.


When it comes to preventing fog, finding goggles with double lenses discourage condensation forming caused by your warm breath. Anti-fog coating and vents along the side of the goggles drastically reduce fogging.

Wider vents will always perform better at preventing fogging compared to narrower vents or small holes, but the drawback of these is that they will let in the cold and freeze your face in drastic weather conditions.

There are a couple of manufacturers now who have made goggles that have small fans fitted into them that eliminate fogging. The fans are very small and light, and only require AAA batteries to work. Great choice if fogging is a persistent problem you can’t seem to fix.


Safety is clearly a top concern when buy goggles, they are the only things separating your eyes from the elements and potential life-long damage. Polycarbonate lenses have a high impact-resistance and are therefore superior to regular plastic.

Having a flexible frame also helps to prevent the lens from warping, cracking or falling out. Foam padding on impact points is also brilliant. Some manufacturers use polar fleece as cushioning, which is warmer and much better at wicking away sweat and moisture.


There are many extras available for goggles nowadays, whether it be a scratch-resistant coating, a built-in camera, or a nose guard for extra protection and warmth, these extras are a completely personal choice and don’t lower the capabilities of the goggles.


Changing Lens


Ski goggles are vitally important when out the on the slopes. Not only do they provide the best protection against harmful sun rays and glare, but also protect them from damage caused by falls, accidents, harsh wind, dirt, and ice.

The importance of a solid pair of goggles cannot be underestimated, and we hope our buyers’ guide and our list of the best goggles has helped you find direction and give you the information you need to make the best purchase you possibly can.

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