Setting Your Expectations Right for Base Jumping

Base jumping has managed to attract people all over the world,mostly athletes who like adrenaline filled sports, like us here at Extremepedia.

Hollywood action movies, documentaries and YouTube videos are inspiring people to try out these daring stunts on their own. Many of them are not even sure about what base jumping is and therefore they often change their plans when they realize that base jumping can be fatal and it is not as easy as it seems in a Hollywood base jumping movies backed up by a racy soundtrack.

It is therefore important that you set your expectations before you get into extreme base jumping.

Injuries Are Common

To start with injuries are a common thing when you are thinking about base jumping, so the question is – are you ready for it?  Extreme base jumping can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying, but it can also turn into your greatest nightmare as you might suffer injuries when things get out of control.

For a basejumper injury is a common thing and many base jumpers often land up in the bed or wheelchair for months trying to recover. Similarly, you might meet people who might be victims of such accidents which can be a sad thing to see.

Do You Have Enough Money?

Base jumping requires certain amount of financial stability and therefore you must be willing to spend money to learn and train yourself well. You will also have to spend money on buying base jumping equipment and gear to ensure that you make safe landings every time you jump.

While base jumping is not as expensive as skydiving because you don’t necessarily have to pay for plane rides up, but extreme base jumping is certainly not a cheap sport. If you are not willing to spend money on quality base jumping suit, gear and base jumping equipment then you’re setting up wrong expectations.

Are You a Social Animal?

While base jumping is all about making the best jumps to get that adrenaline rush the sport is also about being together with the group of people who will always protect you and you need to protect them in return. Base jumping cannot be done solo, although, some do make solo jumps, but there are always more people involved behind every base jumps. There are people who will help you to with your first jump courses and organize various things and gear for you in case you don’t have one. Similarly, you should also be ready to help other people when they need your support and assistance.

What’s Your Reason?

It is very important to ask yourself the reason behind why you want to get into base jumping. This will help you to set expectations before you take the first jump course and take the next step ahead. There are different reasons to get into base jumping, some do it for adrenaline rush, some do it to meet new people, some do it to brag their achievements while some keep it as a secret and want to enjoy it just for the sake of fun of plummeting down and feeling the gravity of the planet.

Before you get into base jumping there are things to know to make sure that you are very clear about what your expect from the sport. This will help you to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally before you proceed with how to start base jumping.

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