Muscle Recovery – Speeding Up Muscle Repair for Athletes

Being held back by recovery time after exerting your body physically is an annoying process, especially when you are on an epic adventure over a couple of days. Waking up stiff with a build-up of lactic acid in the muscle you used the previous day can cause you to dread what the day has in store for you.


Getting on top of your body’s lactic acid build-up and giving your body the best opportunity to recover is what we are going to talk about in this post. From natural remedies, diet, and nutritional supplements used for speeding up recovery.

Muscle Recovery Time – How To Heal Muscles?

During exercise, your body exerts energy that has been stored. This can be in the form of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. During the process of muscle exertion, and using the energy your body has stored, microscopic tears form on the muscles form on the actual muscle tissue. Don’t be alarmed this is your body’s process of building new muscle.


How long do muscles need to recover? Muscle recovery time ranges from what type of exercise you have done. With light exercise, the average recovery time is 24 hours. With harder forms of exercise recovery time can be up to 3 days.


The best way to heal your muscles is to provide a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fatty acids. This gives your body the building blocks to start the recovery process. Along with natural remedies like CBD that contain fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. For more information on some of the best CBD oils for sale follow the link.


How To Speed Up Muscle Recovery?

If you are planning a white water kayaking trip the chances are you will be feeling some hard-earned muscle pain the following days. Or if you have a kitesurfing holiday planned with your budds, the last thing you want is to be stiff and not be able to get big air out on the water.


Let’s go through our recovery guide so you can speed up your muscle recovery.

Strength Training Recovery

As we mentioned, you may have some extreme sports activities planned like white water kayaking or kitesurfing. If this is something that you are not a complete expert in but are experienced enough and have the confidence to do it over consecutive days, we recommend the following.


In the weeks building up to your epic trip, train the muscle groups that you will be using and exerting the most. Doing this will build muscle tissue strengthening in the muscle group which will help prevent you from getting stiff on your first day of activities.


Not only will this help your muscle recovery but will also improve your performance when kitesurfing or kayaking. Give yourself at least a 3-day break before your weekend of extreme sports.


Supplements For Muscle Recovery

To give yourself and your body a boost in muscle recovery, adding nutritional supplements into your everyday life can have an incredible effect. As we mentioned earlier you need to keep a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates in order for your muscles to recover as quickly as possible.


Getting a supplement like a whey protein, or BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) can make that recovery process so much quicker. If you do happen to over exert yourself, these nutritional supplements will help you out and give you the fast muscle recovery you need.


Not only does this help with muscle recovery but also boosting your body’s immune system as these supplements are packed with vitamins and minerals.


Another form of supplement is CBD oil. This often contains fatty acids that are high in omega 3 and 6, along with the anti-inflammatory properties found in the CBD compound.

Speeding Recovery – Diet

You must have heard the saying you are what you eat, this resonates when it comes to muscle recovery. We cannot stress this enough, diet and strength recovery training go hand in hand. Just because you brought some whey protein, don’t think you can skimp out on a well-rounded meal.


Eating is an essential part of muscle recovery and growth. Food is the fuel of your body, if you are filling up with skittles rather than broccoli you are going to have a tough time after a day full of extreme sports.


Speeding Recovery – Pain Relief Creams

Muscle pain relief creams are your secret weapons in your arsenal to combat stiffness and sore muscles. Providing quick muscle recovery, Deep Heat is a household name in the sporting community. It is constantly outperforming its competitors by numbing the affected area while heating it up, creating blood flow to the area in pain allowing it to recover faster.


There are other substitutes like arnica-oil/arnica ice which help relax tense muscles. We recommend keeping at least one of these creams in your bag or on stand-by for when you need it.

Speeding Recovery – Healing Bath

The best thing for muscle recovery is to jump into an ice bath once you are done with your daily activity. Ice baths dramatically cool down your body and muscles. This shocks your body and increases the blood flow to the muscles helping to start the recovery process. For more information on ice baths follow this link.

If you are not a fan of being submerged in freezing cold water, you could try doing an Epsom salts bath. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium. Your body requires magnesium to recover. Taking an Epsom salt bath will increase the amount of magnesium in your body allowing your muscles to recover quicker. For more information on Epsom salts baths follow this link.


Final Thoughts – Fastest Way To Recover From Sore Muscles

Muscle recovery is an important part to keeping a fit and balanced lifestyle. What we have mentioned are ways to keep your muscle recovery time to a minimum. We recommend using all these techniques together to form the best muscle recovery process, or you can incorporate the different sections making your own process.


Look after your body, make sure you do a good stretch and warm up before you start your activities, recovery from stiffness is a lot shorter than recovery from a torn muscle.

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