Best Heated Socks (Electric | Hunting | Skiing)

Winter is coming, and it will be back next year too. This usually means retiring to your favourite spot, lighting a fire and indulging in hot drinks, all while catching up on your series. For the first few weeks of winter, this is an absolute treat.

However, a month down the line, the cabin fever starts to kick in, and I begin to feel like a dog who hasn’t been for a walk. Time to break out the winter kit, a snowy adventure is what I need! My inuit-esque parka, check. Winter mittens, check. Zero degree sleeping bag, get out of here, I’m not spending the night.

For years now, improvements in technology have allowed us to remain comfortably warm in the harshest conditions. However, until recently, our poor toes have been severely neglected, left to freeze in our boots. I had tried everything, even pairing 100% merino wool socks with waterproof boots, but without failure, after a few hours “my toes is froze”.


This is something I could never understand. After spending hundreds of dollars on jackets, thermals, gloves, and a variety of other winter products, I still couldn’t keep my feet warm. Luckily, a host of innovative companies have harnessed the power of electricity to keep your feet toasty. Introduce heated socks.

I must admit, when I was first introduced to the idea of electrically heated socks, I immediately thought of your geriatric nan fighting thrombosis. Although heated socks may help nan, they are not strictly for the old and weary. Heated sock’s lightweight design is sleek and easily hidden, making them ideal for even the most trendy or adventurous millennial.

Gone are the days of frozen feet keeping you cooped up inside. With heated socks electrically heating your toes, you are free to explore the wonders of winter. On the other hand, if you just want to keep your feet warm around the house, heated socks will also do the trick.

Best Heated Socks Solutions

Ultimately, there is no outright best electrically heated footwear. If you are looking to keep your feet warm while working at a desk, you want to opt for the best foot warmers, while outdoor enthusiasts may opt for heated socks.

For ultimate quality, versatility, value for money, and practicality, we suggest Mobile Warming’s Electric Heated Socks. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending, Lenz’s Heated Socks is the most high-tech option.

Furthermore, if you are planning on embarking on a multi-day outdoor adventure into an area without power, consider purchasing a solar battery pack along with a pair of rechargeable heated socks. This will allow you to power your heated socks the all day, every day – ensuring toasty toes. Well, unless there is extreme cloud cover overhead.

Read on for a detailed analysis of all your heated socks and other electrically heated footwear options.

Electric Socks (Battery Powered)

Electrically heated socks. These are the most popular heated footwear options on the market. You have the choice between heated socks powered by either a rechargeable power source or disposable, single-use batteries.

A benefit of using disposable batteries instead of rechargeable ones is that as long as you bring enough spare batteries, your heated socks will never remain powered. This is the preferred option for some outdoor enthusiasts spending multiple days in the wild, without power. It is, however, heavy, expensive, and far from environmentally friendly.

If you do choose to go with battery-powered heated socks, we suggest ActionHeat’s AA Battery heated socks. They are comfortable, stylish, and evenly distribute a comfortable amount of heat for an acceptable amount of time.

ActionHeats Heated Socks

Comfort is guaranteed with these heated sock’s blend of natural and synthetic fabrics. With 50% Wool, 48.5% Cotton and 1.5% Lycra, this lightweight fabric is incredibly soft, seamlessly stretching to embrace your feet.

Furthermore, this fabric effectively traps the heat created by the sock’s precisely positioned heating elements. The positioning of these elements ensures heat is evenly distributed throughout the foot.

Heat is created by ‘ultra-fine fibers’, which harness electrical power from the battery pack. These thin fibers, as well as the way the wires and battery pack have been integrated into the sock, ensuring maximum comfort. Although you will initially be aware of these electrical components, they are soon forgotten about, a testament to their comfort.

On the other hand, the way in which these components have been seamlessly integrated into the sock, also ensures your feet remain inconspicuously heated. Any worries about looking like the next Terminator, with batteries and wires hanging from your boots can be put to bed.

Heated Socked Size Chart

ActionHeat’s socks heat your feet for between 3 and 4 hours. Although acceptable, this means that you would need multiple sets of batteries if you plan on heating your feet throughout the day. Ultimately, outdoor enthusiasts spending multiple days in the cold will struggle to carry enough spare batteries.

This limitation is compensated for by ActionHeat providing fantastic value for money. Their product is significantly more affordable than competing heated socks but does require the purchasing of AA batteries.

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Rechargeable Heated Socks

Rechargeable electrically heated socks function the battery-powered heated socks, with the only difference being its ability to recharge the power source. This is because it uses an enclosed battery pack, such as one finds in cell phones, rather than single-use AA batteries.

The ability to recharge means far cheaper and more environmentally friendly running costs, as you never have to purchase expensive and toxic AA batteries.

On the other hand, a long-time criticism of these products is the inability be used on multi-day trips in areas without electricity. However, with the recent development in solar power technology, this problem can now be circumnavigated.

Solar Battery Pack

You can purchase a solar battery pack, allowing you to store power generated by sunlight, and then use that energy to recharge your socks at night. Ultimately, unless you have the misfortune of extreme cloud cover, this makes rechargeable socks perfect for multi-day outdoor adventures with your rechargeable heated socks.

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Upon review, we believe the Flabeau Heated Socks are the best option for general use (See the following 2 sections for the best skiing and hunting options). For a competitive price, they function effectively, keeping your feet warm and comfortable, while remaining discreet.

The fabric is a wool, polyester, and cotton blend, while the heat comes from carbon fiber heating elements. This setup allows the socks to be thinner than the competition, making them extremely comfortable, unobtrusive, and undetectable.

Ultimately, this makes these socks suitable for everyday use, such as working in a cold office. On the other hand, one must sacrifice battery life for this thin sock’s extreme comfort and style. With a maximum heating time of 6 hours on low setting, it is outgunned by the more expensive competition.

Unfortunately, with a battery compartment that sits just below one’s calf, this sock is not suitable for use in high boots. Although this one-dimensionality is a problem for skiers and some hunters, the product is more affordable than its versatile competitors. This goes a long way to make up for the flaw.

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Ski Socks


If you plan on using your heated socks skiing, look no further than Mobile Warming’s Electric Heated Socks. With a rechargeable, waterproof battery compartment sitting above your calf, it fits comfortably along with your ski boots.

Its moisture-wicking fabric soaks up any moisture, while the 3 temperature settings ensure your toes remain toasty. Enjoy up to 11 hours of electrically generated warmth, then recharge your socks overnight to repeat.

Mobiule Warming Heated sockes

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The wireless remote is vital on the slopes, allowing you choose between three temperature settings, without having to disrobe. Enjoy full heating power while inactive on the ski lift, then turn the temperature down while energetically racing down the slopes. Ultimately, this prevents sweating and prolongs the life of your battery.

If you are involved in multi-day cross-country skiing adventures, you may want to consider purchasing a solar battery pack. This allows you to store power generated by sunlight, and then use that energy to recharge your socks at night.


Hunting Socks

hunting hiking

On the other hand, hunters should look towards the Lenz’s Heat Sock. This rechargeable, electrically heated socks connect to your phone via Bluetooth, turning them into high tech pieces of equipment.

Connecting your phone to your socks allows you to accurately control the temperature of your socks. This means that you do not need to disrobe and manually adjust the temperature on the battery pack. This is essential if you are trying to avoid Bobby and the other hunting guys from finding out about your heated socks.

When hunting, one is often confronted with bitterly cold early morning conditions that rise soon after the sun’s mid-morning rays hit the earth. The ability to adjust the temperature of your heated footwear, therefore, becomes vital. One does not want to overheat your feet and cause sweating, which ultimately results in cold feet.

phone controlled sock

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Running the socks at a low temperature also extends the battery life, with the lowest setting allowing a 14 hour heating time. This means warm feet the entire day, something we all dream of. These socks rank no. 1 for battery life, but that is expected from the most expensive option.

However, you pay for more than just battery life, this is a quality piece of equipment. It is partly made from merino wool, one of the warmest natural fibers in the world that also effectively absorb moisture. Warm and dry feet, now that is cozy!

Furthermore, the waterproof lithium batteries and heating system are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort and evenly spread natural-feeling heat. This resulted in the socks feeling amazing. It never felt like I was wearing specialty socks, but despite freezing conditions, my toes remained toasty.

trail running

If you enjoy multi-day hunting trips into remote areas without electricity, you should consider purchasing a solar battery pack. This allows you to store power generated by sunlight, then use that energy to recharge your socks at night.

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Heated Insoles

An alternative to heated socks is heated insoles. After reviewing the competition, we believe Hotronic’s FootWarmer S4 Custom Boot Heater is the best all-around electronically heated insole.

It, like most other heated insoles, serves the same basic function as heated socks, electronically heating your feet from the bottom. Furthermore, it has multiple temperature settings as well as a competitive battery life of 10 hours on the lowest setting.

Unfortunately, heated insoles are slightly more expensive than even the most high-tech pair of heated socks. Furthermore, they are not as versatile as heated socks, as they will not fit inside all shoes.

electric insole

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Heated Shoes

When it comes to heated shoes, one is not spoilt for choice, with slippers being your only real option. This means that although heated shoes are an alternative to heated socks, they are only suitable for use inside. If you plan on warming your feet on an outdoor adventure, look towards heated socks or insoles.

However, if you don’t plan on taking your heated footwear out the house, or work in a relaxed space where slippers are appropriate, heated slippers are a fantastic option. Upon reviewing the range of currently available heated slippers, Volt’s Battery Heated Slippers stood out above the rest. Despite being relatively expensive, they tick all the boxes.

volt slipper

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Most importantly, they have rechargeable batteries holding 10 hours of heating power on the lowest heat setting. This is unique to the range of other currently available heated slippers, which use either cables or disposable batteries. Ultimately, this means that you can move around with your heated slippers on, and don’t have to worry about replacing expensive disposable batteries.

With 3 heat settings, you will not have to worry about your feet overheating, while the durable rubber soles help retain warmth. Besides retaining warmth, these rubber soles make the slippers more versatile, allowing one to wear them to the office and make the occasional dart outside to fetch the paper.

Furthermore, these slippers are of genuine quality. Volt is a well-known brand with a reputation for quality. Choose from grey or purple, and enjoy toasty toes.

heated shoe

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Foot Heater / Feet Warmer

Another alternative to heated socks is foot heaters. This electric foot warming solution is suitable for home or office use, rather than outdoor adventures. Foot warmers are stationary devices, mainly used under a desk.

They produce heat only when plugged in, but this is no problem as you cannot walk around while wearing a foot heater. The cords will therefore not be an irritation.

After analyzing the competition, we believe Gideon’s Heated Foot Warmer is the best foot heater on the market. At a competitive price, it offers heat as well as a massage functionality. It is the ultimate under-the-desk, stationary foot heating solution, providing a supreme luxury and value for money.

foot warmer

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Buyers Guide – What to look for 

Comfort Rating

This is the number one ranking factor. No matter how warm and toasty a product can keep your feet, if it is uncomfortable, we are not interested. Hiking or skiing with irritating gear will ruin the experience, and who wants to walk around the house with uncomfortable footwear?

Fortunately, it seems the foot warming industry shares our affection for comfort. None of the products we tested included cumbersome heating elements, with most remaining relatively undetectable when worn.

Heating Distribution

With electricity, heat can be created relatively easily. Electrically heated socks, therefore, generally do not have a problem creating heat. The distribution of this heat can, however, be a problem.

First off, is the heat distributed evenly and consistently? Footwear that heats just one part of your foot is better than nothing, but far from perfect. With some the more high-tech options, you even have the option of distributing a majority of the heat created to your toes, ensuring them little piggies stay cozy.

Something else to consider is how much heat is distributed. If your new cozy footwear is too hot, it will cause sweating. Besides being a smelly situation, it will result in damp and cold feet. Again, the more high-tech options have an answer to this problem, with adjustable temperatures. Ideally, you want the adjustments to be done by remote control, this way you do not have to disrobe every time you change the temperature.

heat distribution powersock

Battery life/Heating time

So your electronically heated footwear is comfortable and effectively warms your feet, but how long can it keep this up?

The battery life or heating time of electronically heated footwear is of utmost importance. No matter how effective one of these products may be, without power, your toes will be cold in no time.

Ultimately, while some products last little longer than a couple hours, others can keep your feet toasty for over ten hours. Unfortunately for your wallet, prices tend to increase along with an item’s battery life.

Battery life


Although heated socks are never going to be fashion accessories, they should be hidden and discreet. Nobody wants to be seen wandering the high streets with big battery packs, wires, or solar panels hanging from their boots.

Furthermore, you should not have to trade your style for toasty toes. Heated footwear should seamlessly integrate itself into your outfit, warming your feet far from sight.

Value For Money

We weigh up the price and quality of the product, relative to competing heated footwear products, to determine if the product provides value for money.

In summary

Ultimately, there is no outright best electrically heated footwear. If you are looking to keep your feet warm while working at a desk, you want to opt for the best foot warmers, while outdoor enthusiasts may opt for heated socks.

For ultimate quality, versatility, value for money, and practicality, we suggest Mobile Warming’s Heated Electric Socks. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending, Lenz’s Heat Sock is the most high-tech option.

Furthermore, if you are planning on embarking on a multi-day outdoor adventure into an area without power, consider purchasing a solar battery pack along with a pair of rechargeable heated socks. This will allow for electronically heated feet all day, every day. Well, unless there is extreme cloud cover overhead.

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