Our 9 Best Winter Gloves 2021 (Warmest | Waterproof)

Anyone who’s ever spent some parts of the winter season outdoors knows how essential gloves are. Whether it’s a pair of warm ski gloves for winter sports or gloves for working or exploring, you’ll need to snatch up the best winter gloves to combat the often extremely cold weather.

Cold fingers can ruin any day out in the icy elements, and it’s important to keep your digits warm so that stiff fingers or numb thumbs don’t prevent you from enjoying yourself to the fullest. Just like picking the best ski balaclava, it’s essential to choose wisely when looking for winter gloves.

We trawled more than 50 gloves to revise a list of the best winter gloves.

We tried to provide an array of gloves for different styles, needs, and activities; from a range of different price points. Let’s help you choose a pair of super warm gloves for the season ahead.

Best Warm Gloves for Winter


  1. Hestra Fall Line Short Ski
  2. Tough Outdoors Ski & Snow Gloves
  3. Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mitten
  4. Kinco 901 Ski Gloves
  5. Akaso Waterproof Winter Gloves
  6. Hestra Wakayama Retro Glove
  7. SAVIOR HEAT Heated Winter Gloves
  8. Cevapro Waterproof Gloves
  9. Aroma Season Heated Gloves

Warm Winter Gloves – Comparison Table


GloveBest ForImageMaterialRatingPrice
Hestra Leather Fall Line
All roundCowhide Leather9.5/10 Check Price
Tough Outdoors Ski & Snow GlovesFreezing conditionsSynthetic Leather9/10 Check Price
Hestra 3 Finger Ski MittenAll roundLeather9/10 Check Price
Hestra Wakayama Retro GloveAll roundLeather9/10 Check Price
Kinco 901 Ski GlovesDurable gloves
Leather9/10 Check Price
Akaso Waterproof Winter Gloves
All roundPolyester8.5/10 Check Price
SAVIOR HEAT Heated GlovesHeatedLeather8.5/10 Check Price
Aroma Season Heated GlovesHeatedCotton8/10 Check Price
Cevapro Waterproof GlovesWaterproof glovesCotton7/10 Check Price

Warmest Gloves for Skiing


Our favorite warm gloves are the Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mittens. They’re incredibly well made, stylish, and allow for easy movement.

Some of the other warmest gloves are the:

  1. Akaso Waterproof Winter Gloves
  2. Tough Outdoors Ski & Snow Gloves
  3. Kinco 901 Ski Gloves

Best Thermal Gloves


The best heated gloves available are the SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves. Durable, strong, and extremely warm (up to 150 ℉), they will keep your hands toasty this winter.

Other great heated gloves for winter are:

  1. Aroma Season Heated Gloves

Best Leather Winter Gloves


After reviewing some of the best leather gloves available, the Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mittens have secured their spot at the top of our list. One of the best winter gloves we have ever tried, they clearly strive for quality in all departments.

Other top gloves that combat cold weather thanks to a part of leather include:

  1. Hestra Wakayama Retro Glove
  2. Hestra Fall Line Short Ski
  3. Tough Outdoors Ski & Snow Gloves

Warmest Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold Weather


Now for the full reviews of our favorite, warmest gloves ever for winter!

1. Hestra 3 Finger Mitten



  • Made with strong cowhide aniline
  • Insulated with Fibrefill
  • Cozy Bemberg lining
  • Outseams Sewing technology for finger comfort
  • Neoprene cuff with velcro closure

The 3 Finger Ski Mittens from Hestra are luxury ski gloves. Made with high-quality materials and linings, they will keep your hands warm, safe, and comfortable, no matter the activity or the weather. They’re certainly a great contender for the best winter gloves for extreme cold climates.

  • Very warm and comfortable
  • High quality materials
  • Durable


  • Price


Made with impregnated cowhide aniline, these leather gloves offer you maximum comfort and warmth, and the Hestra label and history remind you of the quality the brand has offered for years. The mittens are insulated with Fibrefill, a polyester fiber that is incredibly warm and protects your hands against the biting chill of the slopes. This insulation is most definitely of the highest quality, nothing less for the Hestra brand.

The gloves are made with Hestra’s Outseam Sewing technology. This technology ensures a ton of comfort for your fingers without sacrificing any grip or dexterity. The gloves also have a comfortable neoprene cuff and velcro closure, stopping the cold from entering your gloves. Lined with Bemberg lining, they’re incredibly soft and cozy on the inside, allowing for hours or days of use without discomfort.

These ski mittens, easily one of the best gloves for cold weather, are a reflection of the quality Hestra is known for, a must-buy if you have the budget.


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2. Tough Outdoors Ski & Snow Gloves



  • Double-faced synthetic leather palm provides superior grip when handling your equipment whether you’re skiing or shoveling snow
  • Features a nylon outer shell that protects against cold weather and its accompanying elements
  • The thermal insulation found in these cold weather gloves ensures warmth even below freezing temperatures
  • Equipped with an adjustable wrist buckle, these winter gloves are sure to be a snug fit that won’t need constant fiddling
  • The TPU membrane fabric found in these gloves allows sweat and moisture to escape

These Tough Outdoors gloves are versatile, working as both a moderately cold winter work glove or extreme cold winter sports. They’re one of the warmest gloves found on the market, which is pretty incredible at their price point. The pair of gloves feature extra-long cuffs, which help stop cold air from creeping into your hands.


  • Water resistant and wind-resistant
  • Three layers of insulation provide warmth for the hands
  • Breathable
  • Features wrist straps to prevent loss when not in use


  • Durability is questionable
  • Doesn’t feature touchscreen capability
  • Consider sizing up as size may run small


Regardless of whether you’re running on a budget or willing to break the bank, these warm waterproof gloves are a great option. They are one of the warmer gloves in the market and are waterproof and wind-resistant, perfect for days whizzing down the slopes. Plus, these function well as both a women’s or men’s ski glove, meaning the entire family can use them when they need to.

They come with a nylon shell featuring three layers for protection against all the elements, and the improved insulation keeps hands warm. You won’t have to constantly take them off to free your hands of sweat as the TPU membrane does the job. With all these capabilities, it’s safe to say they’re one of the best waterproof winter gloves out there.

These winter gloves feature a drawstring wrist closure which further helps them fit properly and stay in place even with prolonged use. The synthetic leather found on the palm provides incredible grip when handling your ski pole or work equipment. To deal with the snotty nose that comes with partaking in cold weather activities, you get a nose wipe on the thumb.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to snap some epic phone photos without taking these off because they don’t have touchscreen functionality. Due to their warmth, people with small hands may find that these gloves tend to be too bulky for them. On the other hand, consider sizing up to ensure your wrist isn’t hugged too tightly if you have large hands.


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3. Hestra Fall Line Short Ski



  • Impregnated cowhide aniline
  • Lined with Bemberg, which is an incredibly soft inner lining
  • Completely insulated
  • Very comfortable finger fit
  • The gloves have a velcro closure and neoprene cuff

Hestra is known as one of the best manufacturers of ski gloves on the planet, and their Hestra Fall Line lives up to that reputation and the mark of quality that the Hestra name brings.


  • Exceptionally high quality
  • An incredibly warm glove
  • Very comfortable


  • Price


The glove itself is made from impregnated cowhide aniline, providing excellent protection from the snow and weather, as well as grip, comfort, and most importantly, warmth. They are lined with Bemberg, which is an incredibly soft and comfortable polyester fiber that makes your hand feel like it’s in a cloud.

Insulated with Foam/Fiberfill, an insulating material made from polyester fiber that protects your hands from the weather and cold, these Hestra gloves keep your hands warm – trust us. The gloves are made with Outseams Sewing technology, which ensures comfort for your fingers. With an added neoprene cuff as well as a velcro closure, you can be sure no moisture will be seeping into the glove and onto your hands.

The quality that Hestra is famous for definitely shines through with these gloves. They may be a bit expensive but are an investment that will last you many seasons.


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4. Hestra Wakayama Retro Winter Gloves



  • Versatile gloves with a stylish and rustic design
  • Neoprene cuff keeps cold air out in tandem with paracord wrist adjustment
  • Durable
  • Leather outer shell
  • Variety of colors and sizes

Hestra is a company known for making some of the best and most popular winter gloves. The Wakayama retro gloves live up to this reputation with the quality found in them. They are incredible for keeping you warm whether you’re skiing, shoveling snow, or playing in snowy weather.


  • Made with high quality materials
  • Water resistant and windproof
  • Provides incredible warmth


  • Pricey when compared to other options here
  • If you aren’t too sure of your hand size, it may run small


The Wakayama gloves feature Hestra’s PrimaLoft Gold insulation, made from a soft and down-like polyester that’s warm and breathable. The high-quality material is also responsible for the glove’s water-resistant and windproof capabilities. This makes the glove perfect for whatever needs you may have, whether you’re snowboarding, downhill skiing, or clearing snow off your car.

To further aid in warmth, the glove features wool lining with terry loops that trap air to keep your hands warm. This is particularly helpful in weather conditions that are below or near freezing temperatures.

The palm, made of impregnated cowhide, provides a strong grip on whatever you may be holding. This includes ski poles, a shovel, a hockey stick, or whatever else you may be doing in the snow. To ensure a snug fit, the gloves use the Eagle Grip ergonomic design which follows your hand’s natural curve.

As an anti-loss measure, these winter gloves come equipped with a leash that ensures they’re always by your side. Possibly the best part about these gloves is that they double as fashionable gloves and as snow gear. Choose from various colors that you can pair with your favorite coat while making your way to the slopes.

The only downside to these gloves is that the wool liner isn’t removable as advertised. Plus, the leather isn’t forgiving if you get a size too small for you – so make sure you check out the size chart before purchasing.


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5. Kinco 901 Ski Gloves


  • Durable and sturdy pigskin leather ski gloves
  • Extra HeatKeep thermal lining to protect your hands during extra frosty days
  • Reinforced leather patches securely sewn into the palm for extra abrasion protection
  • Gloves come with Nikwax waterproofing wax to ensure your hands stay dry

The KINCO 901 is a classic, reliable pair of gloves that can be used for skiing, snowboarding, snow shoveling, or just any everyday activity. Exceptionally well made, and with high-quality materials, means they are a great pair of budget-friendly gloves. The entire family, except kids of course, can use this pair as they’re made for use as both a men’s and women’s ski glove.


  • Durable and tough
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Nikwax wax treatment ensures your hands stay dry and warm


  • Sizing is difficult to get right


The KINCO 901 ski gloves are well known to be a very tough, durable and well-priced pair of gloves. Ideal for winter sports, activities and chores alike. The signature double-layered HeatKeep thermal lining, which is laminated with a soft TR2 inner lining, is designed for maximum heat retention, repels cold, and absorbs moisture caused by sweat, ensuring your hands stay warm and dry all through the day.

The pigskin palm and back is incredibly durable and sturdy, and remains flexible and soft even after getting wet, ensuring a comfortable fit no matter the weather conditions. Suede pigskin patches have been added to the palm, thumb and fingers, making these sections extra tough and able to handle wear and tear easily.

The KINCO 901 is a trusted model of ski glove that has been used by people the world over, and has been loved by all of them. Reliable, budget-friendly, and designed to last forever, these gloves are a workhorse.

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6. Akaso Waterproof Winter Gloves


  • Protects you against all weather elements, including water, wind, snow, and the cold thanks to its outer shell
  • The glove is a versatile offering suitable for downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, working in the snow, and more
  • TThe palm material provides great grip for all uses
  • Features Fan-Tex membrane fabric to provide breathability

These gloves are built for cold conditions, although their ability to keep you warm over prolonged use is questionable in extreme conditions. Still, they’re a good pickup because they’ll protect you against other common elements you face. For instance, the long cuffs keep cold air from creeping in and the waterproof outer shell keeps you dry.


  • Water and wind resistant
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Features anti-loss buckle
  • Creative design


  • Pull string sometimes gets undone
  • Don’t feature a wrist strap to protect against loss
  • Not ideal for really cold weather, especially for the fingertips


Cold hands can ruin any ski day because they affect your performance and enjoyment when shredding the slopes. These Akaso waterproof warm gloves, featuring Thinsulate technology, are here to ensure your winter wonderland fun won’t be interrupted. The 40g of 3M thinsulate insulation provides great warmth, while the 140g of cotton ensures heat is retained.

Further, the technology helps ensure these are one of the best lightweight gloves found on the market. When wearing these, you don’t have to be worried about dexterity or losing your grip on your ski pole or shovel. The palm features durable and grippy PU palms that extend to your fingertips.

The gloves fit snuggly thanks to the elastic wrist cord and adjustable drawstring closure. The Fan-Tex membrane allows sweat to escape, perfect for sunny days at the slopes. Plus, the soft moisture-wicking fleece lining keeps you warm in low temperatures.

Unfortunately, the pull string on the wrist can get loose at times and will require fiddling to stay snug. The lack of wrist straps also means these can get lost easier than many winter gloves with this feature. They also may take some time to get dry if they become soaking wet, although a heater or dryer can help hear.

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7. SAVIOR HEAT Heated Winter Gloves



  • Three heat settings; low, medium, and high
  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Improved gripping thanks to the three-finger design
  • Adjustable wrist buckle

If you have chronically cold fingers, which can be dangerous and ruin a ski day, meet your savior – no pun intended. These gloves will save you from frostbite with three heat settings for your hands. Even without the heat settings on, they do a fairly good job at keeping hands warm in moderately cold weather.


  • Water resistant and windproof
  • Heats up to 150° F
  • Don’t limit dexterity


  • Lacks heating capabilities for the fingers
  • Low setting may as well not exist
  • Pricey


SAVIOR HEAT’s winter gloves are easily one of the best out there, with good enough results to qualify as the warmest glove – albeit for a short time. The exterior is made up of sheepskin that works well to combat elements such as water and the wind. Inside the glove, there’s a soft fleece layer and an insulated cotton layer for added warmth.

The three-finger design has gripping in mind, allowing you to use your index finger and thumb to hold anything from a smartphone to a ski pole. The adjustable wrist buckle is another great design, helping the winter glove fit nicely on any person.

These gloves use infrared heating elements which help with blood circulation. They will last 4-5 hours on low, 3-4 hours on medium, and 2-2.5 hours on high settings. They do so thanks to a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery which takes 2-3 hours to charge fully.

The gloves could be better though, as they don’t really work well at heating the fingers, and the low setting isn’t great in really cold weather. These winter gloves are also considerably pricey when compared to other gloves. However, don’t let that deter you – they’ll do an excellent job from medium whether you’re shredding the slopes or working.


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8. Aroma Season’s Heated & Warm Winterproof Gloves



  • Three heat settings
  • Long-lasting
  • Incredibly warm
  • Long cuffs for added protection

Aroma Season’s gloves are heated and are perfect for keeping warm regardless of what you’re doing in the snow. With their heating ability, they definitely can be argued for as the warmest gloves in the world and one you should definitely consider.


  • Feature a powerful 7.4V 3000mAh battery
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t heat fingers as well as other parts of the hand
  • Come in color


These waterproof thermal gloves are a perfect purchase for anyone who wants extra warmth when they are out in the snow. They are incredibly functional and work well across the board for any and all activities, including work or snowsports.

Thanks to their waterproof and windproof capabilities, you can also whip these out outside of winter. For example, you can use them to keep your hands warm while fishing or camping by the lake. You can also wear them when you’re whizzing around on your bike and the wind is a nuisance.

The well-designed winter gloves are also breathable, which is amazing for a pair of gloves whose sole purpose is to provide heat. Plus, they provide great grip support and don’t limit your dexterity.

They come equipped with a Li-ion polymer battery which lasts 4-5 hours on high, 6-7 hours on medium, and 8-9 hours on high. The gloves can heat up to 131° F, ideal for really cold weather. For your safety, the gloves will power off automatically after an hour, which can come in pretty handy when the adrenaline’s rushing through your body.

Are you a fan of using your phone in the cold? Then you’ll be happy to know this is one of the best touchscreen gloves out there, with functionality in the thumb and index finger. This is useful if you’re texting or calling someone, using the GPS, or simply snapping up pictures.

Unfortunately, the heating isn’t all-dimensional as advertised as it doesn’t reach the fingers and fingertips well.

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9. Cevapro Gloves – Best Waterproof Gloves


  • Touch screen capability
  • Versatile use for work, camping, climbing, or snowsports
  • Great gripping power
  • Adjustable wrist strap

Cevapro’s offering is easily one of the best value-for-money winter gloves that we had a look at and would definitely recommend. They have several features that will save your fingers from frostbite and combat other elements including water and the wind.


  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Breathable
  • Toasty warm
  • Water resistant and windproof
  • Not great for keeping fingers warm
  • Despite their name, they struggle in extremely cold weather
  • Sizing starts from medium


The waterproof glove features 40g of 3M Thinsulation, 140g of thermal cotton, 140g of polar fleece lining, and longer cuffs that guarantee warmth. The double-shirred elastic cuff wrist lock also aids in keeping you warm by ensuring the wind doesn’t creep its way in. The waterproof TPU membrane keeps the pair of windproof gloves breathable.

If you’ll be using your phone while shredding the slopes, you’re in luck as the gloves feature touchscreen capabilities. The gloves have great anti-slip grip and are durable thanks to the PU palm, which is valuable for handling anything. For ensuring that they fit snuggly, they have an adjustable wrist strap and a hook and loop closure.

Another plus with these winter weather gloves is that they feature a zippered pocket on both hands. This gives you ample space to store credit cards, cash, hand warmers, and more. They also don’t hinder dexterity, so you can be free to shred the slopes.

Unfortunately, these gloves have some downsides. The most obvious being that they fail to keep fingers as warm as they do the rest of the hand. They also don’t hold up as well as other winter gloves when facing really cold weather.

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Final Thoughts on the World’s Warmest Winter Gloves


With this guide, you should be just about ready to invest in a quality pair of the best warm gloves for the winter ahead.

for the winter ahead. You’re spoilt for choice, so it remains up to which pair is best for you and suits the needs of your activities the most. These gloves will pair well for any winter travel with a good pair of goggles and some heated socks. And if you’re planning on camping during the winter, be sure to find a good 0-degree sleeping bag.

Remember, once you’re on the slopes, you can always take extra layers off, but you can’t put extra layers on (if you didn’t bring them).


Tip: Are you working with a smaller budget? Check out our guide to the best cheap winter gloves.


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