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Jo Richards

Our 9 Best Winter Gloves 2021 (Warmest | Waterproof)

Everyone knows that a good pair of warm gloves is essential for any winter season spent outdoors, whether it’s a pair of warm ski gloves, or gloves for exercising, working or just exploring.

Cold fingers can ruin any day out in the icy elements (not to mention how dangerous cold fingers can be), and it’s important to keep your digits warm so that stiff fingers or numb thumbs don’t prevent you from enjoying yourself to the fullest. Just like picking the best ski balaclava, it’s important to choose wisely when looking for winter gloves.

We trawled more than 50 gloves to revise a list of the best winter gloves.

We tried to provide an array of gloves for different styles, needs and activities; from a range of different price points. Let’s help you choose a pair of super warm gloves for the season ahead.

Best Gloves for Winter


  1. Hestra Fall Line Short Ski
  2. MCTi Waterproof & Windproof Ski Gloves
  3. Kinco 901 Ski Gloves
  4. Andorra Women’s Touchscreen Gloves
  5. Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mitten
  6. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski
  7. Global Vasion Heated Gloves
  8. Verseo Electric ThermoGloves
  9. Heat Factory Gloves

Warm Winter Gloves – Comparison Table


GloveBest ForImageMaterialRatingPrice
MCTi Ski GlovesFreezing conditionsPolyester9.5/10 Check Price
Hestra Fall Line Short SkiAll roundLeather9/10 Check Price
Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski
All roundLeather9/10 Check Price
Hestra 3 Finger Ski MittenAll round
Leather9/10 Check Price
ANDORRA Women’s Touchscreen Snow GlovesLimited editionPolyester9/10 Check Price
Heat Factory Gloves
HeatedNylon8/10 Check Price
Global Vasion Heated GlovesHeatedCotton7.5/10 Check Price
Verseo Electric ThermoGlovesHeatedNylon7/10 Check Price
Kinco 901 Ski GlovesDurable glovesLeather6/10 Check Price


Warmest Ski Gloves


Our favorite warm gloves, are the Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski. They’re incredibly well made, stylish, and allow for easy movement.

Some other really warm gloves are the:

  1. Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mitten
  2. MCTi Waterproof & Windproof Ski Gloves
  3. Kinco 901 Ski Gloves

Best Thermal Gloves


The best heated gloves available are the Global Vasion Heated Gloves. Durable, strong, and extremely warm (up to 150 ℉), they will keep your hands toasty this winter.

  1. Global Vasion Heated Gloves
  2. Heat Factory Gloves
  3. Andorra Women’s Touchscreen Gloves

Best Leather Gloves


After reviewing some of the best leather gloves available, the Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mittens have secured their spot at the top of our list. One of the best pairs of gloves we have ever tried, they clearly strive for quality in all departments.

Other top leather gloves include:

  1. Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mitten
  2. Hestra Fall Line Short Ski
  3. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski

Best Winter Ski Gloves for Extreme Cold


Now for the full reviews of our favorite, warmest gloves for winter!


#1 Hestra 3 Finger Mitten



  • Made with strong cowhide aniline
  • Insulated with Fibrefill
  • Cosy Bemberg lining
  • Outseams Sewing technology for finger comfort
  • Neoprene cuff with velcro closure


The 3 Finger Ski Mittens from Hestra are luxury ski gloves. Made with high-quality materials and linings, they will keep your hands warm, safe, and comfortable, no matter the activity or the weather.


  • Very warm and comfortable
  • High quality materials
  • Durable


  • Price



Made with impregnated cowhide aniline, these leather gloves offer you maximum comfort and warmth, and the Hestra label and history remind you of the quality the brand has offered for years. The mittens are insulated with Fibrefill, a polyester fibre that is incredibly warm and insulates your hands against the biting chill of the slopes. This insulation is most definitely of the highest quality, nothing less for the Hestra brand.

The gloves are made with Hestra’s Outseam Sewing technology. This technology ensures a ton of comfort for your fingers, without sacrificing any grip or dexterity. The gloves also have a comfortable neoprene cuff and velcro closure, stopping the cold from entering your gloves. Lined with Bemberg lining, they’re incredibly soft and cosy on the inside, allowing for hours or days of use without discomfort.

These mittens are a reflection of the quality Hestra is known for, a must-buy if you have the budget.


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#2 MCTi Waterproof & Windproof Ski Gloves



  • Windproof polyester, thinsulate technology, waterproof TPU Fabric
  • 40g of 3m thinsulate and 140g of cotton ensure the gloves keep your hands warm even in the coldest weather
  • Waterproof and windproof protects against excess moisture as well as bitingly cold winds.
  • A fully covered PU palm and reinforced rubber fingers ensure maximum grip. The thumb also has nose wipe fabric in case of a runny nose
  • A zipper pocket allows you to store any cards, cash or extra glove liners. Adjustable wrist buckle ensures a perfect fit for any wrist size


These MCTi gloves are ideal for freezing conditions and are some of the warmest gloves

we could find. The extra thick glove and lining prevents any cold getting in, and the waterproofing layers also ensure moisture doesn’t leak in on those long, wet days on the slopes.


  • Incredibly windproof
  • Thick material layering ensures maximum warmth
  • Waterproof
  • Zipper pocket allows the wearer to store important cards or money


  • Liners sometimes come out of place
  • May take a couple of days to dry if exposed to extreme amounts of moisture or sweat



These MCTi snow gloves should be on your winter wishlist. Waterproof, windproof, and incredibly warm, they are designed and built to keep your hands protected against any and all elements. The small zipper pocket is ideal for a small glove-warmer if your hands get even the slightest bit chilly.

The gloves come with 40g of 3M thinsulate and 140g of cotton, providing incredible warmth, even on the most frigid of days. The interior of the gloves is made from polyester to absorb and sweat and moisture.

The palm is made with soft PVC and the fingers are reinforced with rubber so that the gloves provide grip, as well as being wear resistant.

The one downside some customers could find was they may take a bit longer to dry out compared to other gloves. Using a heater or dryer can easily solve this problem, and at this price, buying two pairs so that you always have a dry one available is definitely an option.


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#3 Hestra Fall Line Short Ski



  • Impregnated cowhide aniline
  • Lined with Bemberg, which is an incredibly soft inner lining
  • Completely insulated
  • Very comfortable finger fit
  • The gloves have a velcro closure and neoprene cuff


Hestra is known as one of the best manufacturers of ski gloves on the planet, and their Hestra Fall Line lives up to that history and the mark of quality that the Hestra name brings.


  • Exceptionally high quality
  • Incredibly warm
  • Very comfortable


  • Price



The glove itself is made from impregnated cowhide aniline, providing excellent protection from the snow and weather, as well as grip, comfort, and most importantly, warmth. They are lined with Bemberg, which is an incredibly soft and comfortable polyester fibre that makes your hand feel like it’s in a cloud.

Insulated with Foam/Fiberfill, an insulating material made from polyester fibre that protects your hands from the weather and cold, these Hestra gloves keep your hands warm – trust us. The gloves are made with Outseams Sewing technology, which ensures comfort for your fingers. With an added neoprene cuff as well as a velcro closure, you can be sure no moisture will be seeping into the glove and onto your hands.

The quality that Hestra is famous for definitely shines through with these gloves. They may be a bit expensive, but are an investment that will last you many seasons.


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#4 Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski



  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Leather palm
  • Removable liners
  • Ergonomic design to fit hands perfectly


The Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski gloves are made with the attention to detail and high-quality materials that Hestra is very well known for.


  • Windproof, waterproof
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Snowlock with velcro closure ensures cold doesn’t enter the gloves


  • Price



The gloves are made with Hestra’s Triton 3-layer polyamide, water and windproof fabric – perfect for any conditions and weather that you may encounter while out on the slopes. The palm is made with goat leather – making it tough and offering a lot of durability and grip. The leather makes the gloves ideal for holding onto ski poles, or doing everyday chores or activities.

The gloves have a removable Bemberg liner, which is incredibly soft and cosy, making them easy to remove for cleaning, or to replace when the lining runs thin after a few seasons of use.

They are also designed with Eagle Grip technology, meaning minimal excess material and a very close, form-fitting, ergonomic design that fits your hand perfectly. The gloves also have a snow lock and a velcro closure, to keep any snow, moisture, or cold out. With carabiners and handcuffs to ensure they stay on while in use, you can also niftily hang them from your pack when you’re not wearing them.

These Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski gloves are a true reflection of Hestra’s quality and they will not disappoint you, they didn’t disappoint us.

If you prefer five-finger gloves to mittens, Hestra also offers an excellent alternative to these gloves. The Hestra Army Leather Patrol Gloves are practically the same as the Heli Ski Gloves, but they favor a five-finger design.


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#5 Kinco 901 Ski Gloves


  • Durable and sturdy pigskin leather ski gloves
  • Extra HeatKeep thermal lining to protect your hands during extra frosty days
  • Reinforced leather patches securely sewn into the palm for extra abrasion protection
  • Gloves come with Nikwax waterproofing wax to ensure your hands stay dry


The KINCO 901 is a classic, reliable pair of gloves that can be used for skiing, snowboarding, snow shoveling, or just any everyday activity. Exceptionally well made, and with high-quality materials, means they are a great pair of budget-friendly gloves.


  • Durable and tough
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Nikwax wax treatment ensures your hands stay dry and warm


  • Sizing is difficult to get right



The KINCO 901 ski gloves are well known to be a very tough, durable and well-priced pair of gloves. Ideal for winter sports, activities and chores alike. The signature double-layered HeatKeep thermal lining, which is laminated with a soft TR2 inner lining, is designed for maximum heat retention, repels cold, and absorbs moisture caused by sweat, ensuring your hands stay warm and dry all through the day.

The pigskin palm and back is incredibly durable and sturdy, and remains flexible and soft even after getting wet, ensuring a comfortable fit no matter the weather conditions. Suede pigskin patches have been added to the palm, thumb and fingers, making these sections extra tough and able to handle wear and tear easily.

The KINCO 901 is a trusted model of ski glove that has been used by people the world over, and has been loved by all of them. Reliable, budget-friendly, and designed to last forever, these gloves are a workhorse.

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#6 ANDORRA Women’s Touchscreen Snow Gloves



  • Waterproof, windproof and snowproof
  • Constructed with layers of thinsulate to ensure breathability as well as heat retention
  • Textured palm makes for good grip
  • Adjustable strap and longer cuff offers a unique fit while still keeping the snow and moisture out


These gloves are built for all weather conditions. If you’re in the howling wind, freezing cold, or even a blizzard. These gloves have a windproof, waterproof and snowproof exterior, with a moisture wicking and air circulating interior that keeps your hands protected on the outside, but warm and dry on the inside.


  • Unique design
  • Water, wind, and snow proof


  • Prone to moisture seepage



Having cold hands and fingers when you’re out on the slopes is a surefire way to ruin any ski day. The Andorra Women’s Touchscreen Gloves come with 3M’s highly effective thinsulate insulation that increases breathability, as well as heat retention, while still keeping the gloves lightweight.

You don’t want your ski pole to slip out of your hands while going down a slope, and the textured palm and fingers on these gloves ensure a solid grip no matter what you’re trying to hold onto. These gloves also have an adjustable strap to fit any wrist width, as well as an extra long cuff that stops any snow or moisture from getting into your jacket.


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#7 Global Vasion Heated Gloves



  • 3 settings, lasts longer
  • Water resistant coating
  • Better grip
  • Batteries included


The Global Vasion Heated Gloves are going to be your next best friend in winter. You never have to worry about cold hands again with these heated gloves. 3 heat settings mean you can keep your hands at your desired temperature, and the long-lasting charge will keep your hands warm all day long.


  • Longer lasting heating
  • Water resistant


  • No heating in fingers
  • Quality control not consistent



The Global Vasion Heated Gloves have an excellent outer water-resistant shell, meaning even snow or moisture won’t be able to freeze your hands. They will stay warm and toasty, regardless of the conditions. The upgraded, 80% cotton lining is incredibly comfortable as well as adding grip.

These heated gloves are designed to increase blood flow in the hands to stop them from going numb in the cold. Nothing will ruin a day out on the slopes quicker than ice-cold hands and these gloves will stop any chance of that happening, while still allowing full mobility.

Warm gloves are a must during winter, however, this heated pair should be at the top of your wish list if you are exposed to incredibly cold temperatures on a regular basis. Use them for skiing, snowboarding, work outside or around the house, or even just for the walk to work.


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#8 Heat Factory Gloves



  • Long-lasting heating
  • Pocket under fingers holds heating pad
  • Warmers last up to 10 hours
  • Warmers can be placed in pockets


The Heat Factory Heated Gloves are mittens designed with a versatile heating pocket to ensure your hands and fingers stay warm for up to 10 hours in freezing conditions. The mitten part of the glove also folds back to give you full mobility, while still keeping your hands warm.


  • 10 hour battery life
  • Heating pocket moves


  • Bulky
  • Prone to ripping



These Heat Factory Gloves feature a sewn-in, fold-back mitten pocket allowing you to wear them either as extra warm mittens, or normal fingered gloves. This ensures your hands always stay warm no matter the activity. The gloves are a bit bigger than most heated gloves but are just as warm and comfortable. Use the mitts to keep your fingers and hands warm, and then just flip the mitten part back when you want to grab onto a pair of ski poles or some tools outside.

The magnets within the gloves ensure the pockets stay in place and don’t flop around while not in use, and the elastic cuff keeps the gloves firmly and tightly in place. The gloves come with two heating pads that will give you 10 hours of warmth.

These are ideal if you’re finding your current gloves are either too cold, or not mobile or versatile enough.


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#9 Verseo Electric ThermoGloves


  • Dual use
  • Can be regular gloves or heated liners
  • Water and weatherproof batteries
  • Compact


The Verseo Electric ThermoGloves are the perfect combination of heated gloves and heated liners.


  • Can be used as gloves or liners within regular gloves
  • Light and compact


  • Quality is questionable at times
  • Does not heat fingertips



These gloves are able to keep your hands warm on their own or can be used as heated liners inside your regular gloves. This combo makes them ideal for anyone who already owns a pair of ski gloves they love or someone who just needs that extra bit of warmth.

With multi-purpose functionality, they can keep your hands warm whether you are snowboarding, skiing, cycling, doing work outside or just as hand warmers on frosty nights. Being liners, they are also not as bulky as regular heated gloves, therefore they won’t restrict any mobility. They may even be some of the best gloves for shovelling snow.

There aren’t any exposed wires or pads and they are very compact. They are charged with ion batteries that are also water and weatherproof, so there’s no need to worry about severe weather conditions shorting out your gloves.

These gloves are even better for those who suffer from arthritis or any condition that limits blood flow to the hands. The heat will keep the blood flowing and stop your hands from becoming numb, and they will help ease the pain associated with arthritis in cold conditions.


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Final Thoughts on the Warmest Winter Gloves


With this guide, you should be just about ready to invest in a quality pair of super warm gloves

for the winter ahead. You’re spoilt for choice, so it remains up to which pair is best for you and suits the needs of your activities the most. These gloves will pair well for any winter travel with a good pair of goggles and some heated socks. And if you’re planning on camping during the winter, be sure to find a good 0-degree sleeping bag.


Remember, once you’re on the slopes you can always take extra layers off, but you can’t put extra layers on (if you didn’t bring them).


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