Best Ski Helmets | Reviews of the Top 5 Ski Helmets

From mountain biking to rock climbing, many of the sports we love involve living on the edge. So ensuring your safety while you do them is critical. When it comes to your favorite pastime, skiing, you need to gear up and buy a helmet in order to protect your head from icy impacts.

Fortunately, brands have been working on perfecting the ski helmet. No more basic helmets. These are better in style, tech ability, innovation – all without compromising on protection.

The helmets on this list offer incredible value for money, innovative designs and are some of the coolest ski helmets we’ve ever seen. So, take a look at our best picks for the year.


TLDR: The AKASO Ski Helmet is a lightweight and affordable helmet. This helmet includes many of the useful features found on up-market ski helmet brands without the high price tag. The helmet is equipped with detachable earpads, removable fleece liner, a dial-to-adjust tightness, and a strap to hold goggles.

The AKASO Ski Helmet is certainly up to the task of keeping your dome safe while on the slopes. Additionally, the ventilation system is adjustable so you don’t need to buy a size up for a better fit. Plus it allows hot air to escape for better comfort. Overall, it offers great value for your money.

Best Ski Helmets Reviewed 

  1. AKASO Ski Helmet
  2. OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet
  3. Odoland Ski Helmet
  4. Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet
  5. WildHorn Outfitters ski-Helmets Drift

Best Ski Helmets Comparison Table

Here is an overview of the best ski helmets on the shelves. We’ve pulled five that we think tick off all the boxes for a great ski helmet. Perfect by their look or by the comfort they deliver, whatever works for you, you’re sure to find your dream helmet below.

ProductBest ForImageMaterial/ConstructionRatingPrice
AKASO Ski HelmetAffordabilityIn-mold design5 Check Price
OutdoorMaster Ski HelmetDurabilityEndura-shell construction 5 Check Price
Odoland Ski HelmetVentilation for airflowShockproof & penetration resistant shell 4.5 Check Price
Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard HelmetMulti-sport compatibilityABS approved hard exterior shell4.5 Check Price
WildHorn Outfitters ski-Helmets DriftComfortability PC shell5 Check Price

The Overall Best Ski Helmets

Complete with many of the same features other premium brands offer, The AKASO Ski Helmet strikes this perfect balance of a useful, simple, ski helmet that is functional and affordable.

This helmet is lightweight and comfortable and can be adjusted in size for layering on cold days. The addition of removable earpieces for warmer days is the perfect feature for warmer days on the slopes.

Some other great all-rounders include:

The AKASO Ski Helmet is a basic helmet that does everything you need a helmet to do-protect, provide comfort and warmth.

Best Top-Rated Ski Helmets

The Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet offers the ultimate protection. With durable construction made from a high-impact outer shell and impact-absorbing liner, this helmet will protect against any slips and falls.

The VANRORA Ski Helmet allows you to get an easy comfortable fit with just a simple twist of a dial on the back of the helmet. The goggle clip on the back assists to keep your goggles attached securely all the way down the mountainside.

Some other top-rated ski helmets include:

Best Skiing Helmets with Visors

The WildHorn Outfitters ski-Helmets Drift is a stylish combination of a peak cap, goggles, and a ski helmet. Eyeglass wearers can use this helmet without fuss. With an integrated visor, your peripheral vision will not be hindered while you dash along the snow. The WildHorn Outfitters ski-Helmet also offers unequaled comfort to ski with. 

It also features high-grade lightweight protection and comfort. The ventilation system of this ski helmet gives you complete airflow and temperature control.

Some of the other best skiing helmets with visors include:



Best Womens Ski Helmet 

The feature-rich OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet is one of the coolest ski helmets. Among many women’s ski helmet reviews this ski helmet ranks as one of the best. When it comes to women’s ski helmets a few factors are of importance: fit, style, and comfort. And the OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet ticks all those boxes.  

It also offers great ventilation, with impressive safety tech. Some of the coolest features of this helmet include; shock-absorbing foam and an integrated MIPS (Multidirectional Integrated Protection System) liner that helps with angled impacts. The helmet is also made using a sleek design that’s available in an array of colors. 

Some other best womens ski helmets include:

Top Best Ski Helmets Reviews

These top best ski helmets are a must-have because they cover all the bases for a great helmet and then some. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it’s a no-brainer – these are the best snow ski helmets you need.

AKASO Ski Helmet Review


  • Removable liner and ear pads 
  • Adjustable ventilation 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Goggle compatibility 

Equipped with a climate control venting system, the AKASO Ski Helmet allows you to precisely control the temperature level entering and exiting the helmet. The helmet is compatible with most goggle models and the goggle clip in the back will keep them secure.

The construction on the AKASO Ski Helmet includes an in-mold design which is what makes this helmet so lightweight. Despite the AKASO Ski Helmet not having all the bells and whistles to give it extra flair, it fulfills its main priority- safety. The AKASO Ski Helmet is light on the pocket too, which is why it’s one of our favorites.

    • Adjustable ventilation
    • Goggle compatible
    • Removable and washable inner fleece padding
    • Removable earpads
  • Basic design
  • No room for earphones
  • Basic safety features

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OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet Review


      • Endura-shell construction 
      • Adjustable fit system 
      • Lightweight & comfortable 
      • Lid liner & ear pads 

The OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet features a hardshell exterior with MIPS, which helps to reduce angled impact forces. The helmet has a clean design that includes integrated ventilation to keep you cool throughout your skiing journey.

The OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet has an additional adjustable dial fit design that offers the perfect fit every time you put it on. The fleece lining and ear pads provide warmth all season long. 


  • An injection-molded exterior for long-lasting durability and ding-resistant strength 
  • Ventilation channels in the helmet, drawing in the fresh air and pull moisture out the back 
  • An auto-adjust fit system with an elastic closure, for a perfect fit every time
  • The chin strap can be a little  too short 
  • Lightweight for adults, heavy for kids 


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Odoland Ski Helmet Review


  • Shockproof and penetration resistant shell 
  • Adjustable ventilation 
  • Detachable lining and removable earpads

The Odoland Ski Helmet includes a goggle set, which really cuts the hunt for looking for a helmet and a pair of goggles in half. The helmet is shockproof and in addition to this, the goggles are equally made of high-quality premium materials.

The helmet has 12 adjustable vents that can help reduce fogging and optimize airflow in your helmet. The Odoland Ski Helmet is not only streamlined and clean in design, but also features detachable lining and removable ear pads that are washable.

  • An injection-molded exterior for long-lasting durability and ding-resistant strength
  • Ventilation channels in the helmet, drawing in the fresh air and pull moisture out the back
  • An auto-adjust fit system with an elastic closure, for a perfect fit every time
  • Non-removable ear pads and lid liner
  • No control of ventilation coming in or out of the helmet
  • No strap or clip to secure goggles

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Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet Review


  • An ABS approved hard exterior shell 
  • Earpads for extra warmth 
  • Durable rear goggle clip provided for security 

The Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet is a multi-sport helmet designed for any sport from skiing, snowboarding to skateboarding. This helmet offers superior safety requirements with its ABS hard exterior.

In addition to this, it includes an EPS foam that ensures your head is not in contact with the hard shell of the helmet, should you take a fall. The chinstrap gives users an easy-to-adjust feature that secures the helmet from falling. You also get a durable rear goggle clip to ensure that you have eye protection at all times.

  • An ABS hard exterior and EPS foam for extra security
  • Chinstrap for adjustability
  • 9 vents and slide dial for control
  • Multi-sport helmet
  • No MIPS safety measures in place
  • Sizing can be tricky to decipher

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WildHorn Outfitters ski-Helmets Drift Review


  • An in-mold helmet that is lightweight 
  • Available in multiple sizes for both adults and kids 
  • Adjustable fit 
  • Plush interior and removable ear pads

Besides this the WildHorn Outfitters ski-Helmets Drift having great ergonomic design and comfortability, this helmet was also a sponsor of the US Ski Team. So you know it’s one of the best helmets on the shelf.

The outer PC shell of the WILDHORN  Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet has been fused with high-quality EPS foam for optimum shock absorption. In addition to this, Wildhorn has prioritized comfort and durability.

It offers adjustable vents for airflow in and out of the helmet. The WILDHORN  Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet is a fantastic model that fulfills the needs of any pro or recreational skier.


  • Fine-tune adjustment system 
  • 13 adjustable vents 
  • Made of PC shell and EPS foam 
  • Ear pads are audio-compatible 
  • Removable ear pads 


  • Difficulty with fit

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Best Ski Helmets Buyers Guide

Our buyers’ guide for ski helmets will give you some factors to consider when looking for a ski helmet. This guide will also give you additional pointers on what to look for so that you can find the best fit for you.

Safety Measures & Protection

One of the main reasons you look for a ski helmet is for the protection factor. It boils down to two features on the helmet that you need to prioritize; the shell and the padding or lining of the helmet.

Shell: The shell can come in either hard or soft variations. Hard shells are preferable because they distribute the force of any knock to the head and can then be absorbed by additional padding. Softshells tend to be lighter in weight but are still durable and protective.

Padding: Adequate padding or lining inside the helmet ensures that your head is protected from any impact. Foams as padding or lining are becoming more frequent in newer helmets as they absorb shock better.

Comfortability & Fit

Another factor to consider when buying a ski helmet is checking for the perfect fit. It must fit properly and comfortably in order to completely protect your brain against injury. How you can tell if your helmet fits perfectly is if there are no gaps anywhere around your head.

All of the paddings from the helmet should fit flush against the head. The helmet should remain snug so that when you push up against it both front and back, your head moves with the motion and not in two different directions.

How to Properly Fit and Size Your Helmet

Ventilation & Adjustments

Ventilation systems are an integral factor to consider when looking for the right ski helmet. There are two types of ventilation systems that feature on most ski helmets. Adjustable vents and fixed vents.

Many helmets have venting directly on the forehead that keeps air flowing over the face and away from your goggles to prevent fogging up.

An adjustable vent has some switch or toggle located on the helmet that allows you to open and close the vents to regulate your temperature. Most users prefer this as they can control the airflow into the helmet.

Fixed vents are located on the helmet and are always left open to allow airflow to continuously pass through the helmet.


Final Thoughts on the Best Ski Helmets

A reliable ski helmet is perhaps the most essential piece of gear you need before you hit the slopes. Finding a ski helmet is quite a personal endeavor, as the one-size-fits-all approach will backfire. The ski helmet is a customizable winter sports accessory and finding the perfect one is as individualistic as the person wearing it.

Investing in a good ski helmet should be a priority before picking up other ski gear. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner on the skis or an experienced skier, you should think about your safety, as accidents can happen to anyone, at any time.

Although the temptation to rent a ski helmet is overwhelming, we recommend buying your own helmet instead. You’ll get more value for your money in the long run and besides, finding a ski helmet that works for you and your outfit is an unbeatable feeling.