18 Best Ski Gloves 2021 (Budget | Warmest | Women’s | Men’s)

Embarking on a backcountry skiing or resort skiing trip and looking for ski gloves and mittens to keep your hands warm? Or are you scouring the internet trying to find the perfect gift for skiers to give your skiing enthusiast friend? Then we can help.

Out on the slopes, things can get slippery and bitterly cold. Aside from ski jackets and ski boots, one of the most essential pieces of ski gear is a good pair of ski gloves. This article lists the best ski gloves and mittens that may just save you from frostbite!

A great pair of ski gloves is a sometimes overlooked necessity. Like most extreme sports, your equipment is what’s going to keep you safe. Frozen hands can quickly ruin any ski day, and this problem can be easily avoided with a pair of ski gloves or mittens that will keep your fingers warm.

We looked at 62 waterproof gloves and mittens and reviewed 18 of the best ski gloves for the upcoming 2021 ski season. From 18 of these, 10 of them cost less than $50 ‒ making them the best budget ski mittens and gloves.

We also included five premium gloves like Dakine and Hestra models if you’re willing to spend some extra cash for a great pair of gloves this winter.

TLDR: The Hestra range are a favourite as they are well made, strong, durable, warm and have a wide variety to suite any skier or snowboarder.

Best Waterproof Ski Gloves and Mittens

The gloves we reviewed are the best in their classes and categories, which you can find further down in this post. Here’s a list of the top ski gloves for 2021.

  1. Burton Profile Gloves
  2. Hestra Fall Line Short Gloves
  3. Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mitten
  4. Kinco Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves
  5. ANDORRA Men’s Touchscreen Winter Ski Gloves
  6. Kinco 901 Gloves
  7. Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Glove
  8. MCTi Waterproof & Winter Gloves
  9. MCTi Women Winter Touchscreen Gloves
  10. ANDORRA Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Snow Gloves
  11. Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves
  12. Global Vasion Heated Gloves
  13. Heat Factory Gloves
  14. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski
  15. MPHABON Gloves
  16. MUSAN Winter Gloves
  17. Hestra Morrison Pro Model Glove
  18. Verseo Electric ThermoGloves

Best Ski Gloves Comparison Table

 Best ForImageMaterialRatingPrice
Burton Profile GlovesAll roundNylon8.5 Check Price
Hestra Fall Line Short GlovesAll roundbrown-hestra-ski-glovesCowhide leather9 Check Price
Hestra 3 Finger Ski MittenAll roundbrown-hestra-ski-glovesCowhide leather9 Check Price
Kinco Lined Grain Pigskin GlovesAll roundPigskin leather7 Check Price
ANDORRA Men's Touchscreen Winter Ski GlovesFeaturesPolyester8.5 Check Price
Kinco 901 GlovesDurable glovesLeather6 Check Price
Dakine Titan GlovesAll roundblack-dakine-titan-ski-glovesPolyester8.5 Check Price
MCTi Waterproof & Winter GlovesFreezing conditionsPolyester9.5 Check Price
MCTi Women Winter Touchscreen GlovesAll roundPolyester8 Check Price
ANDORRA Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Snow GlovesLimited editionPolyester9 Check Price
Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen GlovesAll roundNylon8 Check Price
Global Vasion Heated GlovesHeatedCarbon fiber7.5 Check Price
Heat Factory GlovesHeatedFleece8 Check Price
Hestra Army Leather Heli SkiAll roundblack-white-hestra-army-leather-ski-glovesGoat leather9 Check Price
MPHABON GlovesAll roundNylon8 Check Price
MUSAN Winter GlovesBudgetTreated denim7 Check Price
Hestra Morrison Pro Model GloveAll-roundLeather10 Check Price
Verseo Electric ThermoGlovesHeatedNylon7 Check Price

Now that we’ve had a quick overview of all the gloves, let’s have a look at our favorites and top picks in each category.

Warmest Ski Gloves

Our favorite warm gloves, are the Hestra Gloves. Extremely well made, stylish, and allows for great movement.

Some more of the best ski gloves for cold hands include:

  1. MCTi Waterproof & Windproof Gloves
  2. Kinco 901 Pigskin Leather Gloves
  3. Andorra Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Snow Gloves

Best Women’s Ski Gloves

Our top pick for the best women’s gloves goes to the MCT Winter WaterproofTouchscreen Gloves. Warm, durable, and you can use your touchscreen devices without taking them off.

Some of the best ski gloves for women include the:

  1. Kinco 901 Gloves
  2. ANDORRA Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Snow Gloves
  3. MCTi Women Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Best Men’s Ski Gloves

The Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves are definitely our favorite gloves for men. One of the best value ski gloves, they’re very durable and very rugged. Great for the winter sports enthusiast, all the way to the winter outdoorsman.

Some of the best men’s snow gloves are the:

  1. ANDORRA Men’s Touchscreen Winter Ski Gloves
  2. Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves
  3. Dakine Titan Gloves

Touch Screen Ski Gloves

The best touchscreen gloves award must go to the MCTi Women Winter Touchscreen Gloves. Not only are the inner’s touchscreen compatible, but so are the outer mittens. Never worry about cold fingers while using your phone again.

Some of the top touchscreen gloves include:

  1. MCTi Women Winter Touchscreen Gloves
  2. ANDORRA Men’s Touchscreen Winter Ski Gloves
  3. ANDORRA Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Snow Gloves
  4. Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Best Budget Ski Gloves Under $50

The best affordable ski gloves for us would have to be the Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves.They are warm, durable, meant for all weather and well priced.

Other best cheap ski gloves that cost less than $50 include:

  1. Kinco Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves
  2. MCTi Waterproof & Winter Gloves
  3. Kinco 901 Gloves
  4. Heat Factory Gloves
  5. ANDORRA Men’s Touchscreen Winter Ski Gloves
  6. MCTi Women Winter Touchscreen Gloves
  7. ANDORRA Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Snow Gloves
  8. Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Best Leather Gloves

After reviewing, the best leather snow gloves are without a doubt the Hestra Gloves. Incredibly high quality, strong, durable. They’re one of the best pairs of gloves we have ever tried.

Other top leather skiing gloves include:

  1. Hestra Fall Line Gloves
  2. Hestra 3 Finger Ski Mitten
  3. Kinco 901 Gloves
  4. Kinco Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves
  5. MCTi Women Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Heated Winter Ski Gloves

The best heated gloves are the Global Vasion Heated Gloves. Durable, strong, and super warm, they will definitely keep your hands toasty in winter.

Other top-rated ski gloves with thermal heating:

  1. Global Vasion Heated Gloves
  2. Kinco Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves
  3. Heat Factory Gloves

Top Ski Gloves Reviews

Below is a list of all the best gloves for skiing with a detailed review. We’ve also listed the pros and cons of each ski glove so you can compare all the different options and choose the best ski glove for you.

Burton Profile Liner Gloves

  • Made with Burtons famous 2 layer DryRide Ultrashell
  • Touchscreen control palm
  • Thermacore insulation
  • Sometimes prone to leaks depending on exposure to water
  • Palms may rip if used on rough surfaces often

The DryRide double-layer Ultrashell and touchscreen compatible palm feature warm up your cold fingers so you can comfortably use touchscreen devices.

  • Double layered for extra warmth
  • Thermacore insulation
  • Brushed microfiber fixed lining
  • Pre-curved fit

The Burton profile Glove is a well-established and well-known winter sports glove. Classic Burton design and manufacturing quality ensure these gloves are tough, rugged, and worth every penny.

The screengrab tough grip palm is completely designed and made to help you use your touchscreen devices quickly and easily. The palms are also made to be rugged and can withstand a fall and let the water runoff with no problem.

The gloves are made with Burton’s DryRide Ultrashell 2 layer fabric. This technology makes the gloves incredibly warm and able to withstand wind, water, and snow. They will ensure your hands stay toasty no matter the conditions or activity. The thermacore insulation is made for that extra piece of weather protection.

The brushed microfiber liners are incredibly soft and, once again, add to the warmth of the gloves. The linings are also fixed in place so that you don’t have to fuss with liners coming out of place or clumping up when you’re trying to put your gloves back on.

We love how these gloves stick to Burton’s history of quality and design excellence. Made for beginner to expert, snow sports enthusiast, or to wear on the walk to work, it will take a lot for these gloves to fail you.

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Hestra Fall Line Gloves


  • Impregnated cowhide aniline
  • Lined with Bemberg, which is an incredibly soft inner lining
  • Completely insulated
  • Very comfortable finger fit
  • The gloves have a velcro closure and neoprene cuff
  • Exceptionally high quality
  • Synthetic insulation
  • Incredibly warm
  • Very comfortable
  • Price

Hestra is known as one of the best manufacturers of snow gloves on the planet, and their Hestra Fall Line gloves live up to that history and mark of quality that the Hestra name brings.

The glove itself is made from impregnated cowhide aniline, providing excellent protection from the snow and cold weather, as well as grip, comfort, and most importantly, warmth.

The glove is lined with Bemberg, which is an incredibly soft and comfortable polyester fiber that makes your hand feel like it’s in a cloud,

The gloves are insulated with Foam/Fiberfill, an insulating material made from polyester fiber that protects your hands from cold weather. These gloves keep your hands warm, trust us.

The gloves are made with Outseams Sewing technology, which ensures comfort for your fingers. The gloves also have a neoprene cuff as well as a velcro closure to ensure none of the cold can get in.

The quality that Hestra is famous for definitely shines through with these gloves. They may be a bit expensive, but they are an investment that will last you many seasons.

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Hestra 3 Finger ‒ Best Ski Mittens

  • Made with strong cowhide aniline
  • Insulated with Fiberfill
  • Cozy Bemberg lining
  • Outseams Sewing technology for finger comfort
  • Neoprene cuff with velcro closure
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • High-quality materials
  • Durableski glove review
  • Price

The 3 Finger Ski Mittens from Hestra are luxury snow gloves. Made with high-quality materials and linings, they will keep your hands safe, warm, and comfortable, no matter the activity or the weather.

Made with impregnated cowhide aniline, these gloves offer you maximum comfort and warmth, and the Hestra label and history remind you of the quality the brand has offered for years.

The mittens are insulated with Fiberfill, a polyester fiber that is incredibly warm and protects your hands against the biting chill of the slopes. This insulation is most definitely of the highest quality, nothing less for the Hestra brand.

The gloves are lined with Bemberg lining. This lining is incredibly soft and cozy, and reviewers have described it as very comfortable.

The gloves are made with Hestra’s Outseam Sewing technology. This technology ensures a ton of comfort for your fingers without sacrificing any grip or dexterity. The gloves also have a comfortable neoprene cuff and velcro closure, stopping the cold from entering your gloves.

The men’s and women’s mittens reflect the quality Hestra is known for and is considered one of the best pairs of ski mittens to invest in. A must-buy if you have the budget.

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Kinco Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves

  • Tough and durable pigskin
  • Kinco trademark design
  • Heat keep lining
  • Well made, solid knit wrist
  • Decent quality, but won’t last for multiple seasons

Kinco is a brand that provides quality gloves without the astronomical price tag that you associate with some of the more high-end brands.

The gloves are made with grain pigskin leather. This leather is tough and durable, and you can use these gloves for multiple winter activities and sports. Use them on the slopes, to chop wood, or on the walk to work.

The gloves come with a heat keep lining. This lining ensures warmth in most conditions. Whether you’re outside doing everyday chores or out on your skis carving up the slopes.

The knit wrist under the cuff is comfortable and secures a well-fitting glove. Slip the cuff under your ski jacket or coat; Thinsulate and the gloves will give you a certain amount of protection against the elements.

These Kinco gloves aren’t of the highest quality, but they do their job and are easily and affordably replaceable at their price.

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ANDORRA Men Touchscreen Winter Gloves



  • Zipped pocket allows for extra storage
  • Wrist straps and buckles ensure maximum cold protection
  • May sometimes retain moisture if exposed to water for long periods of time
  • Thumbs and fingertips have advanced material that allows you to use your touchscreen devices.
  • Zipped pocket on the back of the gloves allows you to store money, cards, locker keys, or any other small essentials
  • Waterproof, windproof, and snowproof exterior sheds water and snow with ease.
  • Has layers of 3M insulation that helps with breathability and retention of heat
  • Wrist leashes ensure a good fit over the wrist, while drawstring keeps snow out

These gloves come with advanced thumbs and fingertips that allow you to use your smartphone or any other touchscreen device without removing your gloves. The last thing you need while you’re trying to take a family photo is frostbite.

The back of the glove features a hidden zipped compartment that you can use to store bank cards, money, or keys, without sacrificing flexibility.

These waterproof, windproof, and snowproof gloves have an exterior that sheds snow and water. The interior lining allows for air circulation as well as moisture-wicking that soaks up the sweat and keeps your hands dry.

With layers of highly efficient 3M Thinsulate insulation, these gloves ensure maximum breathability as well as heat retention. This keeps your hands from sweating while still keeping them warm.

The gloves have a buckle strap that ensures a snug fit, as well as a drawstring that keeps any snow or water out.

Many reviewers found that these gloves are ideal for other winter activities such as sledding and snow shoveling, making them a very well-priced all-rounder.

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Kinco 901 ‒ The Warmest Glove

  • Durable and sturdy pigskin gloves
  • Extra HeatKeep thermal lining to protect your hands during extra frosty days
  • Reinforced leather patches are securely sewn into the palm for extra abrasion protection.
  • Gloves come with Nikwax waterproofing wax to ensure your hands stay dry

The KINCO 901 is a classic, reliable pair of gloves that can be used for backcountry skiing, resort skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, snow shoveling, or any everyday activity. Exceptionally well made and with high-quality materials, they are a great pair of budget-friendly gloves.

  • Durable and tough
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Nikwax wax treatment ensures your hands stay dry and warm
  • Sizing is difficult to get right

The KINCO 901 gloves are well known in winter sports circles as a very tough, durable, and well-priced pair of gloves. Ideal for winter sports, activities, and chores alike.

The pigskin palm and back are incredibly durable and sturdy and remain flexible and soft even after getting wet, ensuring a comfortable fit no matter the weather conditions.

Suede pigskin patches have been added to the palm, thumb, and fingers, making these sections extra tough and able to handle wear and tear easily.

The signature double-layered HeatKeep thermal lining, laminated with a soft TR2 inner liner, is designed for maximum heat retention, repels cold, and absorbs moisture caused by sweat, ensuring your hands stay warm and dry all through the day.

The KINCO 901 is a trusted model of ski glove that has been used by people the world over and has been loved by all of them. Reliable, budget-friendly, and designed to last forever, these gloves are a workhorse.

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Dakine Titan With Gore-Tex Glove


  • Leather glove with a gauntlet cuff and Gore-Tex insert that adds warmth and waterproofing
  • Water repellent and durable leather palms add toughness as well as improve grip.
  • A removable liner that is touchscreen compatible, as well as making it easier to dry the gloves out or give them a clean
  • The external zipper compartment is waterproof and ideal for storing essential cards or cash.

The Dakine Titan ski gloves with Gore-Tex membrane are incredibly well made, as well as durable, tough, and long-lasting. These gloves keep the cold and wet at bay and ensure your hands stay warm and dry.

  • Gauntlet cuff
  • Gore-Tex insert
  • Removable liners
  • Incredibly durable and waterproof
  • Hi-Loft synthetic insulation adds warmth
  • Water-resistant leather palms ensure maximum grip.
  • Touchscreen liner is a bonus for all you tech heads
  • Stitching may tear, but this is easily fixed as there is a 2-year warranty, and you can return and replace them.

The Dakine Titan ski gloves are an incredibly well-made and durable pair of gloves with a Gore-Tex membrane. Fighting off the cold and wet weather has never been easier with these warm, waterproof, and insulated gloves that will keep your hands toasty no matter the temperature.

These gloves are treated with DWR, with the famous Gore-Tex insert that adds substantial warmth and waterproofing. A glove with a Gore-Tex insert is sure to provide you with high dexterity.

The leather palm is incredibly durable, and water repellent, meaning your hands will stay dry even if you grab a soaked skiing pole or fall on your hands while out on the slopes.

The gloves come with a removable liner that is touchscreen compatible, allowing you to use your phone or any touchscreen device without letting your hands get cold and risking frostbite.

This removable liner also makes it easier to dry the gloves out after a long day on the slopes or give them a good clean if they get too dirty.

The external zipper stash is waterproof and allows you to store essential bank cards or cash, and it’s also big enough to put a small glove heating pad in case your hands get a little too frosty.

These gloves are an excellent purchase for the price and will fulfill any of your needs during the winter. Use them on the slopes, while you’re out and about, or even shoveling snow or any other outdoor winter chore.

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MCTi Waterproof & Windproof Liner Gloves

  • Windproof polyester, insulate Thinsulate, waterproof TPU
  • 40g of 3m Thinsulate and 140g of cotton ensure gloves keep your hands warm even in the coldest weather
  • Waterproof and windproof protects against excess moisture as well as bitingly cold winds.
  • A fully covered PU palm and reinforced rubber fingers ensure maximum grip. The thumb also has nose wipe fabric in case of a runny nose
  • A zippered pocket allows you to store any cards, cash or extra glove liners. Ski gloves and mittens with wrist straps and adjustable buckles ensure a perfect fit for any wrist size.

These MCTi gloves are ideal for freezing conditions as the extra thick glove and lining prevent any cold from getting in. The waterproofing layers also ensure moisture doesn’t leak in on those long, wet days on the slopes.

  • Incredibly windproof
  • Thick material layering ensures maximum warmth
  • Waterproof
  • Zippered pocket allows the wearer to store important cards or money
  • Liners sometimes come out of place
  • It may take a couple of days to dry if exposed to extreme amounts of moisture or sweat.

This MCTi wind and waterproof liner glove should definitely be on your winter wishlist. Waterproof, windproof, and incredibly warm, they are designed and built to keep your hands protected against any elements while out on the slopes.

The MCTi gloves come with 40g of 3M Thinsulate and 140g of cotton, providing incredible warmth, even on the most frigid of days. The interior of the gloves is made with polyester to absorb sweat and moisture.

They are fully waterproof and windproof, meaning you can wear them, and be protected, no matter the weather conditions. A small zippered pocket is ideal for a small glove warmer if your hands get even the slightest bit chilly.

The palm is made with soft PVC, and the fingers are reinforced with rubber so that the gloves provide grip and wear resistance.

The one downside some customers could find was they may take a bit longer to dry out compared to other gloves. Using a heater or dryer can quickly solve this problem, and at this price, buying two pairs so that you always have a dry one available is definitely an option.

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MCTi Winter Touchscreen ‒ Warmest Women’s Ski Gloves

  • Weatherproof
  • The wrist strap ensure a great fit and weather protection
  • None we can find
  • Windproof, insulated, waterproof TPU
  • 3M insulate and 140g thickened cotton provides extra warmth, waterproof TPU absorbs moisture and sweat
  • Durable and wear resistant
  • Fingers have touchscreen material
  • The wrist strap ensures a snug fit and prevents the gloves from falling off

These touchscreen gloves by MCTi feature a Thinsulate warmth and windproof insert, as well as a waterproof TPU – making them the warmest gloves for women.

40g of 3M Thinsulate insulate and 140g of thickened cotton ensure the perfect amount of warmth for your hands. The waterproof TPU insert wicks away any sweat and moisture from the inside and keeps your hands dry and warm.

These gloves are built tough and are durable and wear-resistant. These gloves also have a reinforced piece between the thumb and forefinger, protecting your joints when gripping something, as well as a premium anti-slip PU that offers large amounts of grip.

When it’s time to get your phone or tablet out to make a call or take a photo or two, the thumb and index finger have touchscreen material that allows you to use your devices without having to remove your gloves.

The wristbands ensure the gloves are always on correctly, and they don’t come off during any extreme activity. There is also a nose wipe just in case you get a pesky runny nose and you don’t have any tissues in hand.

These are a brilliant pair of premium snow gloves that are perfect for anyone who is a photographer or uses touchscreens regularly. There’s no need to risk frostbite with these available.

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ANDORRA Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Snow Gloves

  • Unique design
  • Water, wind, and snow proof
  • Prone to moisture seepage
  • Limited edition Night Galaxy design
  • Waterproof, windproof and snowproof
  • Constructed with layers of Thinsulate to ensure breathability as well as heat retention
  • A textured palm makes for a good ski glove grip.
  • Adjustable wrist strap and longer jacket cuff offer a unique fit while still keeping the snow and moisture out.

This limited edition design of these classic Andorra gloves adds a new flare to an original, taking a piece of equipment and turning it into an eye-catching fashion statement.

These gloves are built for all weather conditions. If you’re in the howling wind, freezing cold, or even a blizzard. These gloves have a windproof, waterproof, and snowproof exterior, with a moisture-wicking and air-circulating interior that keeps your hands protected on the outside but warm and dry on the inside.

Having cold hands and fingers when you’re out on the slopes is a sure way to ruin any ski day. These gloves come with 3M’s highly effective Thinsulate insulation that increases breathability, as well as heat retention, while still keeping the gloves lightweight.

You don’t want your ski pole to slip out of your hands while going down a slope, and the textured palm and fingers on these gloves ensure a solid grip no matter what you’re trying to hold onto.

You also wouldn’t want any snow sneaking into your jacket sleeves and making you cold from the inside, so these gloves have an adjustable strap to fit any wrist width, as well as an extra-long cuff that stops any snow or moisture from getting into your ski jacket.

These limited edition gloves are for the fashionista inside a skier; beautiful colors compliment durability while still being effective skiing gloves.

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Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves

  • Multifunctional gloves
  • Very strong
  • Very well made
  • No additional extras
  • Great all round touch screen ski glove
  • Ideal gloves for snowboarding, skiing, and any other winter outdoor activity
  • Touchscreen capabilities
  • Waterproof and weatherproof nylon shell with reinforced synthetic leather palm

The Tough Outdoors Winter snow gloves for men and women are one of our favorites. A brilliant all-rounder that can be used for almost every winter activity, at a price that you don’t want to miss.

The waterproof and windproof nylon shell is designed to keep your hands warm and dry no matter what you’re doing, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or taking part in a good ol’ snowball fight. The leather palm adds durability and grip, perfect for wet days when you need to hang onto your ski sticks.

Made with touchscreen technology, you never have to remove them while using your phone, camera, or tablet. Ideal for when you want to take some photos while you’re out on the slopes, or you need to make a phone call on your walk to work.

The waterproof and windproof shell with the reinforced synthetic leather palm ensures your hands are completely protected from the elements, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

We love the fact that these gloves may be basic, but they fulfill their purpose. Warm hands, dry hands, and touchscreen-friendly. What more do you need?

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Global Vasion Heated Glove

  • 3 settings, lasting longer
  • Water resistant coating
  • Better grip
  • Batteries included
  • Longer lasting heating
  • Water-resistant
  • No heating in fingers
  • Quality control not consistent

The Global Vasion Heated Gloves are going to be your next best friend in winter. You never have to worry about cold hands again with these heated gloves. Three heat settings mean you can keep your hands at your desired temperature, and the long-lasting charge will save your hands from freezing all day long.

The gloves have an excellent outer shell that’s water-resistant, meaning even snow or moisture won’t be able to freeze your hands. They will stay warm and toasty regardless of the conditions. The upgraded, 80% cotton lining is incredibly comfortable as well as adding grip.

These heated gloves are designed to increase blood flow in the hands to stop them from going numb in the cold. Nothing will ruin a day out on the slopes quicker than frosted hands, and these gloves will prevent any chance of that happening while still allowing full mobility.

Warm gloves are a must during winter, but these heated ones should most definitely be on top of your buying list if you are exposed to frigid temperatures on a regular basis. Use them for skiing, snowboarding, workaround or outside the house, or even just for the walk to work.

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Heat Factory Gloves

  • Long-lasting heating
  • Pocket under fingers holds heating pad
  • Warmers last up to 10 hours
  • Warmers can be placed in pockets
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Heating pocket moves
  • Bulky gloves
  • Prone to ripping

The Heat Factory Heated Gloves are mittens designed with a versatile heating pocket to ensure your hands and fingers stay warm for up to 10 hours in freezing conditions. The mitten part of the glove also folds back to give you full mobility while still saving your hands from the cold weather.

There is a sewn-in pocket that you can put over your fingers when using the gloves as mittens. But if you need to use your fingers, just fold the pocket back, and the heating will warm up your hands while folded. This ensures your hands always stay warm no matter the activity.

The gloves are a bit bigger than most heated gloves, but they are still just as warm and comfortable. Use the mitts to keep your hands and fingers warm, and then just flip the mitten part back when you want to grab onto a pair of ski poles or some tools outside.

The magnets within the gloves ensure the pockets stay in place and don’t flop around while not in use, and the elastic cuff keeps the gloves firmly and tightly in place. The gloves come with two heating pads that will give you 10 hours of warmth.

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Hestra Army Heli-Ski With Goat-Leather

  • Windproof and completely waterproof
  • Goat leather palm
  • Removable liners
  • Ergonomic design to fit hands perfectly
  • Windproof, waterproof
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Snowlock with velcro closure ensures cold doesn’t enter the gloves
  • The goat leather palm provides durability and grip to tightly grasp ski poles for your safety and comfort
  • The gloves have a removable liner which can be removed to allow the gloves to dry faster
  • Price

The Hestra Heli Ski gloves are made with the attention to detail and high-quality materials Hestra is very well known for.

The gloves are made with Hestra’s Triton 3-layer polyamide fabric that makes the gloves water and windproof, perfect for any conditions and weather you may encounter while out on the slopes.

The palm is made with goat leather. This leather is tough and offers a lot of durability as well as grip, making these gloves ideal for holding onto your ski pole or even doing everyday chores or activities.

The gloves have a removable liner, which is incredibly soft and cozy. A major benefit of removable liners is you can take them out when they need to be cleaned and easily replace them for a second pair of liners when required.

The gloves are designed with Eagle Grip technology. This technology has minimal excess material and is designed to be a very close, form-fitting, ergonomic design that fits your hand perfectly.

The gloves also have a snow lock and a velcro closure to keep any snow, moisture, or cold out. They also have carabiners and handcuffs to ensure they stay on while in use, and you can hang them from a pack when traveling.

These Hestra Heli Ski gloves are a true reflection of Hestra’s quality, and they will not disappoint you; they didn’t disappoint us.

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  • Warmer and thicker for freezing days
  • Easy fit with anti-skid palms for extra grip
  • For males and females, warm, slip-proof
  • Affordable snow gloves with a 100% lifetime guarantee

These MPHABON gloves are the perfect, all-round gloves. These gloves are ideal for beginners and ski professionals alike.

  • Warm and thick to protect from freezing weather conditions
  • Anti-skid palm for extra grip
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • None that we could find

The MPHABON ski glove is one of the best all-rounders on the market. With built-in protection from wind and water, they are also highly breathable and perfect for any outdoor winter activities.

These gloves are an updated version of an older pair and offer more warmth and winter protection. The thickness of the glove will keep your hands warm even in freezing conditions.

They are incredibly comfortable to wear. The slip-on cuff ensures cold air doesn’t seep into your jacket but is also flexible enough not to inhibit movement while skiing.

The anti-skid palm ensures you aren’t sacrificing any grip while out on the slopes.

Ideal for any ski destination, these gloves can also be used for other winter activities like snowboarding and winter chores like snow shoveling. They are suitable for both men and women too.

The 100% lifetime guarantee is also a massive plus for us, meaning if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return them for a full refund.

Many customers are blown away by the functionality and durability of these gloves, and at a very affordable price, these brilliant gloves are an absolute steal. Unless you’re looking for something more high-end or with different features, these gloves are a definite must-have for any snow and ski lover.

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MUSAN Snow Gloves

  • Warm and thick to protect from freezing weather conditions
  • Great looking design
  • Solid construction
  • Quite large for women’s hands
  • The new 2017 design adds denim elements, making the glove both eye-catching as well as functional.
  • The glove has had waterproofing treatment, as well as anti-slip palms for extra grip.
  • The glove has multi-layer waterproofing; a TPU membrane makes the glove windproof and contributes to moisture absorption.
  • High-quality cotton insulation keeps out temperatures from -5 to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

The MUSAN Winter Ski Glove may not have a whole lot of extra bells and whistles, but at this price, it’s a bargain for a pair of well-made, waterproof, warm gloves. Perfect for anyone who isn’t wanting to spend a lot of money but still wants to buy a quality product.

The MUSAN winter gloves are a budget-friendly, well-designed, basic pair of gloves, ideal for the occasional skier. Simple yet warm and comfortable, these gloves may not blow everybody away, but they will keep the cold and wind away.

The use of denim in the design makes the gloves very easy on the eye and makes them a bit of a fashion accessory and not so much a piece of equipment.

The glove has a 3M insulate lining and special denim that has been treated to be waterproof. Soft PU anti-slip palm and finger patches have been added for extra grip.

The gloves have a multi-layer waterproof coating, ensuring rain won’t find its way in the skiing glove. The TPU membrane windproofs the gloves and also aids in sweat absorption, meaning your hands won’t get cold from the inside.

The very high-quality cotton insulation keeps your hands toasty, even on the coldest of skiing days.

Overall, these gloves are perfect for amateur or occasional skiers who just want a pair of gloves that prevent cold fingers. The price is good enough that a replacement pair will be easy to purchase if needed.

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Hestra Morrison Pro Model Glove With Goat-Leather

  • Cowhide upper and army goat-leather palm
  • Polyester fleece lining, thermolite insulation
  • Breathable, waterproof membrane
  • Hook-and-loop cuff closure
  • Handcuffs secure gloves to hand


  • Exceptionally high quality
  • Incredible synthetic insulation
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Cuff closure is excellent
  • Price

The Hestra Morrison Pro Model Ski glove is right up there with some of the best gloves we’ve ever tried. High-quality, warm, durable, and ideal for any weather situation the slopes throw at you.

Made from 90% leather and 10% synthetic materials, the gloves have a cowhide upper and a leather palm. The upper provides strength and warmth, while the goat-leather offers you grip.

The gloves have a fleece lining that is incredibly soft and cozy, as well as thermolite insulation to keep your hands extra warm and toasty, even in the coldest of conditions. Your hands will love you while you wear these.

The gloves have a breathable, waterproof membrane that stops snow and water from penetrating the gloves and making your hands cold. The breathable membrane also ensures your sweat doesn’t freeze and your hands don’t feel cold.

The gloves are made with a hook-and-loop cuff that secures the cuff to your wrist and stops snow and water from entering the glove, keeping your hands dry and warm even if the weather turns a bit bad. The cuffs also have Hestra handcuffs to secure the cuffs even more.

These Hestra Morrison Pro Gloves are the ultimate skiing and winter sports gloves. The Hestra quality is very evident in this pair, and they will last you and keep you happy for many, many winter seasons to come.

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Verseo Electric ThermoGloves

  • Dual-use
  • Can be a regular glove or a heated glove
  • Water and weatherproof batteries
  • Compact
  • Can be used as gloves or liners within regular gloves
  • Light and compact
  • Quality is questionable at times
  • Does not heat fingertips

The Verseo Electric ThermoGloves is the perfect combination of heated gloves as well as heated liners. The gloves can keep your fingers warm on their own, or you can use them as heated liners inside your regular gloves. This combo makes them ideal for anyone who already owns a pair of snow gloves they love or someone who just needs that extra bit of warmth.

These gloves are multi-purpose and can save your fingers from freezing whether you are snowboarding, skiing, cycling, doing work outside, or just as hand warmers on frosty nights. Being liners, they are also not as bulky as regular heated gloves; therefore, they won’t restrict any mobility and are incredibly lightweight.

There aren’t any exposed wires or pads, and they are very compact. They are charged with ion batteries that are also water and weatherproof; no need to worry about severe weather conditions shorting out your gloves.

These gloves are even better for people who have arthritis or any conditions that limit blood flow to the hands. The heat will keep the blood flowing and stop the hands from becoming numb, and they will help ease the pain associated with arthritis in cold conditions.

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Winter Ski Glove Buying Guide

Owning a pair of ski gloves is an essential piece of skiing attire.

Choosing a pair of snow gloves depends on your needs and your budget. Ask yourself:

  • What do I need these for?
  • How long do they need to last?
  • Do they have to have special features like being waterproof or heated?
  • How much do I want to spend on them?

Glove Sizing Chart

Here’s a glove size chart so you can find the perfect fit for your hands.


Ski Glove Buying Checklist and Features

Buying a pair of snow gloves can either be a very easy or slightly confusing process, depending on your experience level. One of the most important items on the list is choosing the correct size.

Below, we’ve broken down all the things you should look at and consider while buying a new pair of gloves.

Best Material for Gloves

Most ski gloves are made with a combination of both leather and synthetic materials. With varying amounts of both, the uses of these materials affect durability, dexterity, general use, and of course, price.

Synthetic vs. Leather Ski Gloves

Synthetic gloves often have a sturdier and more durable outer shell that makes them waterproof as well as insulated. These gloves fight off the cold and moisture incredibly well, although the cheaper options don’t always hold up well against moisture.

Synthetic gloves often have leather components that improve grip and dexterity.

Most leather gloves are extremely comfortable, have maximum dexterity as well as being durable and also, sometimes cheaper than synthetic gloves. They fall across the spectrum from the high-end down to budget.

The one downside of leather gloves is the moisture protection. These types of snow gloves can protect against light moisture but can also soak if exposed to significant water over an extended period of time.



The warmth the snow gloves offer is one of the most important aspects when buying a pair. Warmth is attached to the materials used, and therefore, usually, the most high-end gloves offer the most warmth as they use the best materials.

If you don’t live or ski in a very cold climate, you have more options and more budget options.

You can’t be 100% sure of warmth until you take the gloves out on the slopes and try them, but buying an extra pair of glove liners will ensure maximum warmth.

How waterproof your snow gloves are is the next big aspect of purchasing them. Most gloves that fall on the high-end spectrum have a waterproof Gore-Tex insert layer that keeps moisture out and allows your hands to breathe and let perspiration escape. Most people want waterproof snow gloves.

Gloves with a Gore-Tex insert may also come with Gore-Warm technology to keep your hands from becoming ice cold.

Cheaper gloves can have a decent level of waterproofing, but they lack breathability, and therefore perspiration getting trapped in them becomes an issue.

Some leather gloves don’t have a waterproofing insert and are simply water-resistant. Gloves like this work well in drier skiing climates as the gloves don’t need to be waterproof, but waterproof winter gloves are necessary if you are skiing in a very wet environment.

Considering that most untreated leather gloves aren’t waterproof, a safer option would be to either treat them or purchase a full synthetic pair of gloves.

Finding the right ski gloves that keep your hands warm, offer the most amount of grip, and allow you to use your hands as if you weren’t wearing gloves at all, is a difficult combination to find without spending quite a bit of money.

Considering this point, it is up to you to decide what you need these gloves for. Warmth is most definitely the top priority, but finding a pair that doubles as a pair of shoveling gloves or gloves for another purpose aren’t impossible; they may just take some time to find.

Ski Glove Cuffs

There are two different styles of cuffs when it comes to snow gloves. You can choose gloves with a gauntlet cuff or an under-cuff.

Gloves with a gauntlet cuff have an extra long cuff that goes over your ski jacket sleeve. These gloves offer extra warmth as there is no space for cold air to get in. These extra-long cuffs impede wrist movement as there is extra material over the wrist.

Under the cuff, gloves have shorter cuffs and go underneath the sleeves of your jacket. These cuffs allow for more wrist movement, but gaps between your sleeves and cuffs can happen when reaching out or extending your arms, allowing cold air and moisture in.

Ski Glove Features

Ski gloves with a gauntlet cuff often come with a drawstring or wrist cinch that tightens the glove around your wrist and jacket. This is useful as it stops moisture and cold from entering through any gaps.

Some snow gloves come with a nose wipe that allows you to wipe a runny nose. This pad wears down over time but can come in very handy in an emergency and stop any nose irritations.

Some gloves come with the capability to use touchscreens. If you want to take photos on your ski trip, these gloves allow you to use your phone without having to take your gloves off.

To Sum Up the Top-Rated Ski Gloves and Mittens

From the best ski gloves under $50 to the warmest mittens and best leather ski gloves for both men and women, we’ve covered it all.

Like we said in the beginning, having a weatherproof, touchscreen, warmer gloves ensures you never have to worry about cold hands when you’re just trying to enjoy your ski or snowboard trip.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find your next pair of gloves, helped you learn the ins and outs of winter sports gloves, or give you that extra bit of knowledge to help you make a better and more informed decision when buying your next pair of gloves.

Let us know which pair is your favorite, which pair you definitely want to get your hands on, or in, and which pair you can’t live without.

While you’re here, check out our list of the best ski socks and the best ski masks for your next snowy mountain adventure.

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