Extremepedia was made to showcase only the best in Extreme Sports.
We interview some of the top extreme athletes from all over the world to find out, just what it takes to become one of the best in the industry.

As we are passionate about the sporting world, our writers and editors take part in various outdoor and extreme sports themselves. We have also started placing a lot of our interest in researching extreme sporting gear for Extremepedia.

What started out as a hobby, has now become a full-blown obsession. Extremepedia has now become one of the best online websites to read about interviews and reviews of extreme sports gear to get the best out of your sporting experience.



(Co-Founder )

Matt has always had a big interest in extreme sports, from watching the X games on TV a world away, from a young age he knew he wanted to try mega ramps and crazy tricks around the globe.

Matt has done most of the sports we consider extreme today, with no site really focussing and offering true value for readers, she started Extremepedida with a friend as a hobby, now this passion has formed a direction of its own and we going along for the ride.



Jo Richards – Phillips

(Head Editor, Writer and Extreme Sports Guide)

Jo is a MyCU graduate who began a degree in Business Management before being pulled away by the beauty of nature. Quitting university after his second year, he began his journey as a buyer for an outdoor goods retailer.

Meeting various outdoorsman and adventurers in his time as a buyer, it inspired him to leave the corporate world behind. He started as a camping instructor in France, Switzerland and back home in South Africa, before beginning a career in his favourite field, skiing.

Val d’Isere in France was where Jo applied his trade for a few seasons, prior to being drawn back to Colorado and making the world famous resort of Snowmass his home base for the next few years.

Jo is still an enthusiastic instructor, however, he continues to travel the world looking for his next adventure during the warmer months. Come rain or shine, winter or summer; Jo is hands-on with everything from gear to the weather.

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Jyotsna Ramani

(Editor & Co-Founder)

Jyotsna is a professional globe trotter and founder of wanderwithjo. She combines her passion for the great outdoors with her sparkling writing skills to create content that sustains her life on the road.

Inspired by the digital nomad lifestyle, and having been bitten by the travel bug over a decade ago, she decided to quit her mundane job in India’s biggest travel firm. After all, booking trips for others was never her goal!

There was no looking back since! Every month, she travels to exotic new locales in search of offbeat experiences and adventures, which is then shared amongst her readers on her personal blog – WanderWithJo.

Alistair Pike

(Partner & Head Strategist)

Alistair is an adventure-loving strategist from Cape Town, South Africa. A passionate rock climber, snowboarder, and slackliner, he’s always looking for the next adrenaline-fueled experience.

As a passionate writer and the head strategist for Extremepedia, he has a flare for language, extreme sports, and digital strategy. All of which make him a key member of the team.