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As we are passionate about the sport and all of our writers and editors (Jo, Matt, and Jo) partake and do a lot of outdoor and extreme sports themselves, we started placing our research for our gear on Extremepdia.

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Jo Richards

(Head Editor, writer, and Extreme Sports guide)

Jo is a MyCU graduate who began a degree in Business Management before being pulled away by the beauty of nature. Quitting university after his second year, he started his journey as a buyer for an outdoor goods retailers.

Meeting many outdoorsman and adventures in his time as a buyer, it inspired him to leave the corporate world behind. He started as a camping instructor in France, Switzerland and back home in South Africa, before getting a job in his favorite field, skiing.

Val d’Isere in France was where he plied his trade for a few seasons, before being drawn back to Colorado and making the world famous resort of Snowmass his home base for the next few years.

Jo now spends his traveling and teaching, he is still an enthusiastic instructor, but in the warmer months, he travels around the world looking for his next adventure. Sun or rain, Winter or Summer, Jo gets hands-on with everything from the gear to the weather.