Why Kitesurfing Lessons Are Important?

Kitesurfing Lessons

Are you passionate about extreme water sports? Kitesurfing is emerging as one of the popular extreme water sports across the globe and therefore most water sport enthusiasts would want to try it and feel the experience. Many surfers and windsurfers have switched to kitesurfing because they believe that they get more excitement and thrills from it. On the other hand, there are many beginners who end up watching videos on YouTube about kitesurfing and they are excited about kitesurfing lessons that they find online. However, the fact is that if you want to learn kite surfing you need to look out for someone who knows kitesurfing and can guide you and train you in the right way.

There are many ways to learn how to kite surf, but if you are interested in kitesurfing lessons you need a real trainer that can provide you with information on how to kite surf. Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why you need a kitesurfing lessons before you actually decide to kitesurf.

Personal Safety – Believe it or not, but kitesurfing is an extreme water sport and therefore it can be risky if you’re not sure how to control your kite. When you watch a video on how to kite surf it might seem like a simple thing and you might think that you know what you’re doing, but kitesurfing without any kitesurfing lessons can put your life at risk.  When you attach yourself to a power kite you have no idea about the force of the wind and how power kites can drag you along, if they go out of control. Kitesurfing lessons can help you to understand the basic kitesurfing equipment and how to use kitesurfing gear to ensure proper safety. This will help you to avoid any accidents and get a better grip over the power kite to keep it under control.

Safety of Others Around – When you are kitesurfing, there are many bystanders watching you do all those stunts and tricks. However, if you lose control you might end up hurting the people watching you or other kitesurfers that are enjoying their time around. Kitesurfing lessons are all about safety and superior control and that allows you to be in complete command. When you have no training kite surfing you’re not sure what to do next when your power kite is out of control. With the help of kiteboarding lessons you are well aware of various kitesurfing equipment and you know what to do next to quickly bring situation under control or at least detach yourself from the kite.

Save Time – Watching kitesurfing videos and practicing them in the real world can only waste your time. On the other hand, there are various books that tell you how to kite board, but nothing beats the real time training because with real kitesurfing lessons you learn quickly as you observe, listen and try the same thing in the real environment. While books and videos are good for information, they are not enough to guide you on how to kite surf. You might have to go through various trials and errors before you actually learn the right position and right body movement. If you want to learn kitesurfing quickly you should go for kiteboarding lessons that can help you save time.

Save Money – Taking kitesurfing lessons is not just about safety and saving time, but also about saving money. If you are learning kitesurfing on your own through YouTube videos and books and online websites you might have to go through lot of trials and errors and that might cost you extra money. You might also end up buying wrong kitesurfing equipment which can impact your performance and training. When you have someone to train you and provide you information you can also save money because you know how to buy the right kitesurfing equipment that can speed up your how to kite surf process.

Practice Under Safe Conditions – No book or YouTube video can tell you when the conditions are safe and unsafe, even if they do, it is you who have to make a decision and since you are learning chances are that you might be wrong. When you are planning to learn kite surf you have to ensure that the conditions are safe so that you can practice and try different positions and tricks that can help you gain confidence. When you are taking kitesurfing lessons with someone your trainer will decide if it is the right weather for you to practice or not. This certainly helps because you don’t want to suffer injuries early on while training that can crush your confidence. Learning in a safe environment certainly puts your mind at ease as you know that there is someone watching you and ensuring that you’re safe.

Meet More Kitesurfers – When you join kitesurfing camp or kitesurf school you not just end up learning from professional kitesurfers, but also end up making more friends who are equally enthusiastic about kitesurfing. One of the benefits of taking kiteboarding lessons is that you get to know others in the community who are passionate about the same sport and share great information about it. When you are at kitesurf school you also share experiences with each other and help each other to overcome learning challenges which speeds up the learning process.

Know About Kitesurfing Equipment – Taking kitesurfing lessons can also help you to know more about kitesurfing equipment in a better way. When you are starting to learn kite surf you get to pick different kite boards and kite board gear that can help you practice. Gradually, you move on to higher levels and you get a chance to try different kitesurfing equipment and that offers  a practical knowledge of how to choose kitesurfing equipment that offers you more freedom and flexibility when you’re out there trying your kitesurfing tricks. Kite school and kite camps also provide great discounts to kitesurfing enthusiasts who enroll for their learning courses.

Kitesurfing Equipment

Factors to Consider While Booking Kitesurfing Lessons

If you’re interested in kitesurfing and you can’t get it out of your head you can start getting some kitesurfing lessons at various kitesurfing camps and kitesurf school. If you’ve never tried kitesurfing before and you want to learn how to kite surf you need to ensure that you pick the right deal and know about factors that you need to consider when booking kiteboarding lessons.

Here are the top 3 factors that you need to consider when you are booking kitesurfing lessons for the first time.

IKO Qualified Instructors – Of course, there are many sports enthusiasts that do put their budget on top, but when you are booking kitesurfing lessons for the first time you have to overlook the budget factor and search for kitesurf school that have IKO qualified instructors. This is really important because you want to be trained by someone who knows kitesurfing in and out. You might find kitesurfing camps that have experienced kitesurfers, but that is not enough, because your life depends on the decisions that instructor makes.

Good Quality Equipment – When you start looking around for kitesurfing schools you will find that these schools are run by guys that teach out of the back of their car on weekends. Obviously, they use the same old kitesurfing equipment which might have worn off and these secondhand kite boards are not good enough to learn kitesurfing. Hence, you have to look out for kitesurf school that provide you with good quality kitesurfing equipment that can help you learn in a better way. Regular out of the car kitesurfers do not offer you any facilities like changing rooms or showers and therefore they charge you less, but you certainly need all this when you want to learn how to kite surf.

Great Deals – Most kitesurfing schools and camps collaborate with shops that sell kitesurfing equipment and kite boarding gear and therefore they do offer great discounts to the students. When you are booking kitesurfing lessons you need to look out for schools that do offer you great deals on joining and registering with them. Kitesurf school also have various packages that you can choose where they offer you amazing discounts and offers when you purchase kitesurfing equipment from their said stores. This helps you to save money because you get discounts on buying kitesurfing equipment early on.

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How to Keep Going After Kitesurfing Lessons?

Kitesurfing lessons are great and it is recommended that you find kitesurf school and camps that can help you to understand the basics of how to kite surf. However, once you’re done with you’re not sure what to do next. Surprisingly, there are many that pay for kiteboarding lessons and then never kite surf. This is because they never really go ahead and buy their own kite and kitesurfing equipment.

Buy Your Own Kitesurfing Equipment – Many beginners look out for options to kitesurf and they want to hire kitesurfing equipment, but they never buy one. If you’re passionate about kitesurfing, it is important that once you are done with kitesurfing lessons you have to buy your own kitesurfing equipment. When you are not buying kitesurfing equipment you may get lost in your own world and you only think of kitesurfing when you are alone and when you have time. When you invest in kitesurfing equipment, you are conscious about using it and you want to get out and use it on weekends and whenever you have time. Also, buying kitesurfing equipment ensures that you never have to hire secondhand kitesurfing equipment from anyone else. You can buy the right gear that suits your style and enjoy kitesurfing the way you want it.

Practice Regularly – The key to putting your kiteboarding lessons to test is to practice regularly. It is important that you purchase your kitesurfing equipment and get out and keep trying until it works out for you. Initially, you might feel frustrated and it can be tedious, but once you’ve got used to it, you’ll enjoy the entire learning experience. If you are passionate about the sport, you will have to practice it like any other sport and perfect it over a period of time. If you feel alone and lonely, you can be a part of the community and make friends and you’ll see that it helps to learn and share some real experiences with kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Stay Focused – There might be times when you’re not really making the right moves and that the wind is not great, or you’re not in the right spirit. This can put you down and you might feel that you’re not made for kitesurfing, but that’s just one process of learning. Like any other sport, you cannot be good on all days.

Take a Break – Every passion needs a break. You might be over excited about learning kitesurfing lessons and you might be eager to try all those crazy jumps and moves that you see in videos, but when things don’t go the way you want – take a break. Kitesurfing while you’re frustrating can only lead to more mistakes and mistakes can lead to injuries. Taking a break allows you to focus on other things and unwind.

Visualize – When you’re at the beach with your kitesurfing equipment you should also visualize and see how others are kitesurfing. You can observe how they look and focus on their body shape and the way they move and then try the same position when you’re out there. However, be careful that you don’t try moves that you believe is too hard for you.

Kitesurfing lessons are important and they are your stepping stones to better kitesurfing experience. It is therefore important that you not just focus on the kiteboarding lessons, but also pay attention to what your instructor tells you because you can put that information to use when you are done with kitesurfing lessons. You need to make sure that you listen and act on that advice which will help you to learn how to kite surf in a better and convenient way.

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