Snowboards For Boys And Girls – Are They Similar you are looking for the ultimate thrill on the slopes, then snowboarding is the best option for you. Skaters, windsurfers and surfers have played an instrumental role towards making snowboarding as one of the most popular adventure sports. Like any other sports, there is no gender discrimination when it comes to snowboarding. Both men and women can participate in this sport. It is true that there is no restriction in terms of gender; however, when it comes to snowboarding for boys and girls, there are some differences. The following section of this article will discuss some of these differences

Difference in the Snowboards for boys and girls 

The difference doesn’t only lie in the way the sports are practiced; there are significant differences in terms of the equipment used when it comes to snowboarding for men and women. The snowboard itself is quite different. In case of women, the size of the snowboards is much shorter compared to that of men’s.

A girl can always use the snowboards designed for boys; however, she might face issues when it comes to controlling and balancing the board, because of its weight and size. This is why it is very important to ensure that they board you purchase is in accordance to your body weight and height. Since women have lesser physical strength compared to men and there are also shorter in terms of stature, the smaller boards would be the perfect choice for them.

Some girls, who have a relatively bigger stature, are capable of handling the larger and heavier snowboards; however, most of the girls have a medium built and they find it difficult to manage the bigger ones. In order to solve this problem, the snowboards for women are much shorter and are far lighter compared to that of the men’s snowboards available in the market.

Finding the Right Snowboard for Women

If you are a girl and you are planning to purchase a snowboard, in that case it is recommended that you weigh yourself and have a clear idea about your height. Unless you are aware about these two aspects, you might end up purchasing or renting something which you would find heavier and difficult to manage.

If you are not sure about the differences between boys and girls snowboards, then it is recommended that you rent a snowboard before purchasing one and get to know the difference. As a girl, you would find the shorter and lighter ones to be easier and comfortable when it comes to controlling and balancing them.

The snowboard is the most important equipment required for snowboarding. Apart from it there aren’t much differences in the other equipment used in men and women’s snowboarding. Be it, the padding, helmet, jackets or other items, they remain more or less the same. When it comes to the technicalities of the sport, there isn’t lots of differences between men’s and women are snowboarding. The basis of the sport remain to be the same for both these categories; however, men boards are bit faster compared to the women’s.


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