Base Jump Helmet: How to Buy the Right Base Jumping Equipment?

Base Jumping HelmetOf all the protective base jumping gear that you need to buy you have to think of buying a great helmet that can help you to enhance your experience in a good way. This is mainly because most bones of your body will eventually heal, if you’re injured, but you might not lead the same kind of life if your skull takes a hit. The purpose of a good basejump helmet is to provide maximum protection and to absorb the impact energy and spread it over the much surface, if possible. Base jump helmets often go beyond just protection and therefore there are certain things to know that can help you choose and buy the right one.


Never ever compromise when you’re purchasing base jump helmet because it can save your life. You must make sure that you search for the best base jumping equipment that you can find in the market and buy it when it suits your requirements. Your base jump helmet must have the right breaking strength, distribution of energy and liner crush to ensure that you’re safe. A good quality base jump helmet does break when hit sufficiently, but it certainly takes all the hit and protects the head. Similarly, the shell and the liner distributes the impact force over and the foam liner absorbs most of the energy.


When you’re base jumping you need to make sure that you get a better peripheral vision which means that you can look over your shoulder and you can see what’s behind you. Similarly, when you look up at the sky you see your canopy. If you can’t, this is not the right helmet for you. You should also checkout how awkward it would be for you to swim with that helmet because at times you might land in the water.


The size of your base jump helmet will also affect your performance and maneuverability and therefore make sure that you’re buying something that fits you well, but not big enough. If you’re buying a full face helmet, you should ensure that the jaw protector does not touch your chest. You also have to set your expectations right when you are heading for base jumps to ensure you know exactly what you’re going to do.


Is your base jump helmet putting a lot of weight on your neck? Well, when you’re jumping down your body might put more pressure on your spine and neck. If your base jump helmet is heavy it can only worsen your base jumping experience. To make it even more complicated you might have to bear the weight of a top mount camera. If you’re climbing up to some point, additional helmet weight can wear you down and suck up your energy even before you go for base jumps.


Base jump is all about understanding the aerodynamics and therefore when you are purchasing a base jump helmet you must also take into consideration the aerodynamics factor. There are certain helmet designs that add significant amount of drag to extreme base jumping. Hence, you may consider that factor as well especially when you are doing terminal jumps involving base jumping wingsuit flying or tracking.

Apart from all this, you also need to consider other minor factors like comfort, camera-mountability and sound options when you are buying base jump helmets for extreme base jumping.

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