An Overview of Different Types of Snowboards Available

types of snowboardsIf you are a snowboard enthusiast, then there is good news for you. There are various types of boards available in the market. These boards are designed for different levels of snowboarding; like beginners, intermediates and for those, who are at the advanced stage of snowboarding. The modern snowboards are very strong and offer a lot of space for the rider. These boards are light and hence, when it comes to balance and control, there isn’t much of an effort you need to put in.

Talking about different types of snowboards, there are three varieties of snowboards which are popular in the market. In the following section a brief review will be presented on these three different types.

Different Types of Snowboards Available in the Market

As mentioned, there are 3 different types of snowboards which are very popular. Here is a brief account of these three

  • All Mountain or Freeride Board: Out of the 3 different types of snowboards available in the market, the All Mountain or Freeride board is the most popular type. This type of snowboard accounts for more than half of total snowboard sales. This type of board is ideal for all-mountain, halfpipe and park. Being able to float well in a powder surface is one of the major characteristics of this board. With this type of snowboard, the rider can enjoy catching air, carving and all other aspects of riding.

These boards come with a directional shape and are primarily designed to be ridden in one direction. A directional shape refers to the fact that the tail of the snowboard is different from its tail. The tail in these types of boards is usually shorter, narrower and flatter compared to the tip.

  • Freestyle Snowboard: A freestyle snowboard is more stable and wider, compared to the Freeride boards. These boards are softer and are quite flexible which makes them easier to maneuver around with. All these features have the freestyle snowboards very popular among the riders from all over the world. These boards, being so easy to handle are considered to be the perfect options for the beginners.

The Freestyle Snowboards are primarily designed for the purpose of performing tricks in the halfpipe and terrain parks. However, these boards have their own limitations. If you are looking for a board which would help you to cruise fast, then these boards are certainly not the perfect choice.

  • Race, Alpine or Carving Boards: Compared to the free ride and freestyle boards, the carving boards are much narrower. Their narrow, long and stiff construction is meant for more speed and swift turns. The carving boards offer more edge holding power when it comes to hard snow, fast edge turns, and excellent stability when it comes to speed.

These are the three most popular types of snowboards available in the market. NO matter which type you choose to purchase, it is very important for you to make sure that the size of the board is proportionate to your weight and your height.

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