5 Basic Must Have Highlining Equipment

highlining equipment

If you’re looking for an extreme activity that can provide you an adrenaline rush you can look out for highlining which is considered as a pinnacle of the extreme sport due to challenges and risks involved. Highlining is slacklining on a higher elevation and, therefore, it can be risky and can lead to serious injuries and death as well. To ensure that you’re safe you need to have the right highlining gear that can allow you to perform the way you want it and keep you safe from any risks involved. Let’s take a quick look at the highlining gear that you must have on your side.


Anchors are important when you are highlining because they attach the webbing to the anchoring material. When you are purchasing anchors you need to be sure that they are strong, probably the strongest than anything else in the list of equipment. Always purchase anchors that have a strength in the range of 100kN or higher. You must also make sure that the anchor has no abrasion because tension combined with abrasion can cut through the strongest materials.


Used in all sorts of rigging, carabiners are important for safe highlining experience. Hence, you have to focus on buying high-quality carabiners that can have the best features like auto-lock and user-friendly. Carabiners come in different sizes, shapes and types and, therefore, you must be sure about which carabiners are ideal for your highlining experience. These carabiners can be used to clip off your tails of your slackline for backups, or they can be used in your pulley system as connectors or just a tool to carry more gear when rigging a highline.


Maintaining the desired walking tension can ease your highlining experience and for that, you need a good quality brake. Rope brakes or highlining brakes keep your rope locked in a position and provides you the right walking tension. Brake is vital to your tensioning system and, therefore, you must focus on high-quality brakes.


Highlining rope is an important part of the highlining equipment and, therefore, good quality ropes is something that you must have in your gear. Ropes can be used in main walking line or to build a pulley system and can even be used for rock climbing. There are a wide variety of ropes available from lightweight slacklining to high-performance highlining ones, so make sure you’re choosing the right rope. The rope you purchase must have a perfect balance of strength to weight and should be durable. It should usually have a tensile strength of 22.9kN, but at the same time, it should be lightweight and have a core design that maximizes the tensile strength of the rope.


It’s hard to imagine highlining without harnesses in your highlining equipment. Harnesses are designed to protect and safeguard highliners. Most highlining harnesses come with adjustable waist strap and leg loops for quick and safe adjustments. When you are setting up harnesses you have to make sure that you double check harness buckles and doubled back and also check the knot before you step on the rope.

Highlining equipment can save your life and prevent you from serious injuries and, therefore, it is important that you buy high-quality highlining equipment.

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